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Mother Daughter Portraits with a Canadian Twist


These images tell a story that begins and ends in Algonquin Park. My cousin Cicely and I have always been very close, even though we don’t get to see each other much. When we do get together, its often just a few days each summer at our beloved family cottage in Algonquin Park. Cic grew up spending her entire summers at sleep away camp in the Provincial Park, and eventually became an accomplished canoer and camper, spending up to 50 days at a time traveling through remote wilderness with a close group of young women that remain some of her closest friends.


Five years ago (to the day!!!) I had the joy of documenting Cicely and Dan’s glorious Christmas themed wedding. When we learned that Cic would become a mother, right away, long before the baby arrived, we began talking about how we could possibly rendevouz at my place during the summer for a creative photo session. The logistics were going to be tricky. You see, my beloved cousin and her baby are American. They live in Cincinnati. Nevertheless, Canada holds a special place in Cicely’s heart, and we both wanted to commemorate her baby girl’s first trip to our mutual favourite place on earth- the cottage. At the same time, Canada was still riding the celebration from our recent 150th anniversary on July 1st. If ever there was a time to dream up a Canada themed photo shoot, this was it! We spent less than 24 hours together in 2017, but we sure did make the most of it. So without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce you to Cicely, and her beautiful daughter, sweet miss Louise. I’m so pleased I could capture their relationship and this special moment in our history.


Sending hugs South of the border. xoxo

An Autumn Photography Adventure in Cambridge



Once in awhile, when the light is good, I like to bring my camera along to a friend’s place and practice my skills without the pressure of shooting for a paying client. A couple of weeks ago in early October, I saw the opportunity for a pleasant, lifestyle family photography session with some good friends of ours. My fiance and I joined our friends David and Megan and their adorable daughter Pepper for a wee hike near their home in Cambridge, Ontario. Cambridge is a particularly pretty community, and the walking trails hidden amongst the residential neighbourhoods are lovely at this time of year. Our friends led us to some of their favourite spots, and I was glad I brought the camera along when I saw how beautiful the light and the foliage were. Here’s a glimpse of our journey.


_EBI5940edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5946edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5948edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5920edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5891edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5877edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI6081edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5874edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5879edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5976edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5992edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI6023edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI6067edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5902edit_Emily-Beatty-blog_EBI5974edit_Emily-Beatty-blogLately, some of my goals have been to make more time for the people I love, to get outside more often, to live presently, and enjoy the journey. I take and edit photos for other people all day long, and I’m starting to realize how important it is to nurture my love for photography in a personal way as well as a professional way. Without documenting my own adventures and undertaking creative projects just for the fun of it, my abilities as a photographer begin to grow stale. Excursions like this one rekindle my passion for photography. Its a great feeling.

Thanks David, Megan, Pepper and Todd for a delightful walk in the park!