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Colourful Modern Vintage Family Photos


Do you remember back in February when EBI had a draw for a free family photo session? Meet the winners! The idea was to give back to my wonderful group of clients, but it turned out to be a great experience for me as well. The contest introduced me to Lindsay and her beautiful blended family, and after a few e-mails back and forth and an inspirational Pinterest board, we arrived on a mutual vision for a fun family photo shoot that would involve bold black and white stripes and oversize handmade pink paper flowers.

The setup took a bit of effort to assemble, but it was well worth it when I saw all the elements come together. To top things off, I arranged to borrow a minty green vintage style bicycle from some friends (thanks Fraser and Ellie) and accessorized the set with all sorts of white flowers. Lindsay and her family arrived with black and white and blue outfits and these great vintage updos that pulled everything together. We ended up with alllll kinds of great shots to choose from, and in the end the fam opted to add several extra images on top of their complimentary portrait package. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Hello 2017! EBI News and Photography Features

2013-EBIpinkredBLOG***Oh hello! Its February, the world feels a little crazy right now, and that means here at EBI we are celebrating LOVE. Todd and I have recently relocated to a house near Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, and plans to construct an on site full time studio space are underway. There have been a lot of sleepless nights and pinching pennies, but at long last our dreams are taking shape! I want to thank you personally for helping me get to the point in my career where a full time studio space makes sense. It feels like high time to show some appreciation to the clients that have been with me from the start. That means its time to announce some new promotions. You’ve earned it.ithinkyourecoolEmilyBEattyImagery

First of all, all 2016 prices will be extended until March 1st 2017. Book a portrait session on location or at my temporary home studio this month for big savings.ebi_2683editCOLOUR

Next up, take a peek at our VALENTINE’S PREPAID PORTRAIT DEAL. Maybe you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for your love, or maybe you are just a smart shopper planning ahead for when you know you are going to want photos later this year. I designed this feature to give devoted customers an option to get the best possible value for 2017 portraits. The idea is you purchase a photo shoot voucher now at 2016 prices, and use it anytime in 2017.ValentinesFacebookInstaADebi

If you’re a returning EBI client and you redeem your voucher before October 2017, you’ll also receive an extra 5 edited digital files with your package. That’s $125 worth of free photography to say thank you for your loyalty. If you know you’re going to want family portraits or maternity or newborn photographs this year, planning ahead and purchasing the prepaid portrait deal could save you hundreds of dollars! ithinkyoureawesomeEmilyBEattyImagery2

Now technically, this is a Valentine’s Deal, but there’s definitely no rule against treating yourself this February 14th! Give a voucher as a gift, or hang on to it for your own family later this year. Choose from any of the six location or studio portrait packages listed on the investment page of the EBI website for your voucher value. Options range from $200 to $450 including tax. ebi_2165edit+lightleak

You can contact me via Facebook or by e-mailing emily@emilybeatty.com to order a handmade voucher until February 14th. Book your photo shoot right away, or wait until summertime and be one of the first people to enjoy our newly constructed Kitchener photo studio. 13275787_10156953963385252_741750636_n

Stay tuned for our next blog post, 2017 EBI BOUDOIR FEATURES!EmilyBeattyImageryFWPW20171
























One Afternoon, Four Generations Of Summertime Portraits



Church bells rang and the sun shone bright and warm the day I met this charming family. After finding each other online through some mutual friends, we met at the family home in the very most picturesque neighbourhood in Historic Kitchener to update four generations of family portraits. Sometimes organizing so many family members can be a real challenge, but this group was great to work with.



Our goal was to come up with 20 different portraits that would coordinate nicely with each other. All the participants would then have enough images to decorate their walls or make a customized photo album with the images. It had been quite some time since these folks got together to take family photos, and is often the case, it was a new baby in the family that set things in motion. After introductions, we flew through a few group shots, then split apart into little groups for some smaller couples portraits and individual family photos. Years from now, I hope this sweet little lady sees these images and knows how much love and joy she has brought this family.

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Emily & Patrick’s Green Wedding Reception at Victoria Park Pavilion

One hot July day in 2016, two souls were joined in marriage as a plethora of guests from all corners of the globe looked on. After Emily and Patrick’s heartfelt church ceremony, their friends, family, and small wedding party headed for Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener where a massive celebration would soon be underway. After the nuptials, the sky opened up for a terrific thunderstorm, but luckily by that point the party had been safely relocated to the Pavilion and dinner was underway.EBI_1364Em&Pat_*

With many of the groom’s Irish family in attendance, a very green theme made perfect sense for Emily and Pat’s wedding reception. There was plenty of good food and drink on hand as guests took in all the thoughtful little touches that reflected both Emily and Patrick and their mutual loves. From shamrock sugar cookies to family heirlooms and wee bunny rabbit decorations in honour of their pet, Simon, there were plenty of unique things to behold at this wedding.

Then there was the photo wall! After plenty of discussions over the past year, Emily and I agreed that I would attend their reception and photograph some key details of speeches and decor, but my main job would be to create a totally unique customized photo wall that would contribute to their green, green and more green theme. In the end I painted an abstract botanical pattern for the main backdrop, and accented it with handmade giant paper succulents. By setting up a freestanding photo wall on the stage at the Victoria Park Pavilion the day before, I was able to simply walk on set and start photographing the guests the evening of the wedding. As an added bonus for the happy couple, the custom photo backdrop provided extra ambiance to the venue throughout their whole reception.

As usual, the guests took to the photo wall like ducks to water and before long I found myself sorting through hundreds of hilarious group shots. Here are a bunch of my favourites. Emily and Patrick, I hope that as the years stretch on you and all of your friends and family get a real kick out of reliving your fantastic wedding celebration through these images.



EBI_3496_*EBI_3802_* EBI_3589_* EBI_3920_*EBI_3555_*EBI_4302_*EBI_4100_* EBI_4030_*EBI_3611_*EBI_3733_*EBI_4126_* EBI_4068_*EBI_4125_*EBI_4137_*EBI_4055_*EBI_3922SQ_* EBI_3595_* EBI_3547_* EBI_3625BW_* EBI_3658_* EBI_3662BW_*EBI_3896_*EBI_3785_* EBI_3710_* EBI_3715_*EBI_3682_*  EBI_3745_* EBI_3765_* EBI_3773BW_* EBI_3774_*  EBI_3795_* EBI_3798_*  EBI_3818_* EBI_3847_* EBI_3851_* EBI_3862_*  EBI_3899_* EBI_3906_*     EBI_3934_* EBI_3936_*   EBI_3949BW_* EBI_3960sq_* EBI_3961_* EBI_3978sq_* EBI_4003_*  EBI_4029_*     EBI_4061_*  EBI_4074_*  EBI_4086_* EBI_4098_*  EBI_4112BW_*   EBI_4128_*   EBI_4162_* EBI_4174_* EBI_4177_* EBI_4190_* EBI_4208_* EBI_4221_* EBI_4321_* EBI_4333_*  EBI_4356_* EBI_4367sqBW_*


Congratulations E & P, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and a most excellent life together!!!

xo Emily

2014 KW Polar Plunge Fundraiser for KidsAbility

KW_Polar_Plunge_2014_Emily_Beatty_ImageryIt was a brave crowd that came out for the third annual KW Polar Plunge on Saturday February 22nd, 2014. This fun and dramatic community event is the pride and joy of founder Greg Lehman, who started it three years ago after losing a bet. Participants including Greg collect donations from sponsors, and then dress up and jump into freezing water to support KidsAbility.

This winter has been the coldest on record for many years, and those who took the plunge deserve a lot of credit for boldly jumping into a COLD kiddie pool on a day that hovered right around zero degrees. The rest of us were awfully grateful to be bundled up in boots, hats and jackets that were a bit more appropriate for the middle of winter in Canada. I think every one of us in Waterloo Town Square that day was glad that the event was rescheduled from the original January 25th date due to dangerously cold temperatures. Zero Celsius is pretty cold– but it could have been worse!Polar_Plunge_KW_2014

The jury is still out on the final total, but word has it that this year’s event raised over $7000, all of which will go directly to the KidsAbility facility in Waterloo. KidsAbility is a terrific organization that “empowers children & youth with special needs to realize their full potential through life-changing therapy and support services”.

As always, it is the volunteers and community sponsors that made this event such a success. Thanks to Nom Nom Treats, Hogg Heating and Air Conditioning, KFUN 99.5FM, Spike Creative Solutions, Bre Creative, Bright Water Services, Boston Pizza, Beertown, and everyone else that contributed to this year’s KW Polar Plunge.Waterloo_Town_Square_KW_Polar_PlungeKW_polar_plunge2014KW_Polar_Plunge_2014_event_photography


Our fearless leader, KW Polar Plunge founder, Greg Lehman.

Our fearless leader, KW Polar Plunge founder, Greg Lehman.KW_Polar_Plunge_2014_Waterloo_event_photographer


Thanks to Nom Nom treats and volunteers Keirra Reid and Charlotte Armstrong for the delicious custom cookies!

Thanks to Nom Nom treats and volunteers Keirra Reid and Charlotte Armstrong for the delicious custom cookies2014_KW_Polar_Plunge!



Bre Creative always makes time to volunteer for community events.

Bre Creative always makes time to volunteer for community events.KW_Polar_Plunge


The delightful team that organized the 2014 KW Polar Plunge.

The delightful team that organized the 2014 KW Polar PlungeKW_Polar_Plunge.

2014_ KW_Polar_Plunge

Kitchener Waterloo Portrait Photography Prices



Back in March, I did something called the “Lucky Birthday Sale”. I was able to meet and photograph nearly 20 new families in a short period of time, and using their feedback, I’m currently developing my new portrait packages. (Don’t worry, prices aren’t going up!) Need a quote right now? Sure! Just e-mail emily@emilybeatty.com, let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll write back with a custom quote, usually within 48 hours.

Looking for information on wedding photography? I accept contracts for just a handful of special weddings each year so that I can pour my heart and soul into each one. Download this e-zine with all the details about EBI wedding photography or visit the website pricing page for more downloadable price sheets and details about the collections I offer.

Looking for more sample portraits before proceeding? Visit the portrait galleries on my website.

Want to talk to a real human before you invest in custom photo art? Call 519 568 9819 to make an inquiry or to book a date for your photo session. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those pushy sales people that will try to give you some long winded sales pitch over the phone, but I will happily answer any questions you may have, make suggestions for your shoot, or give you an on the spot estimate for a shoot.EBI confetti themeweb


You can also e-mail emily@emilybeatty.com with your inquiry, or just to say hi. It’s pretty common to e-mail back and forth a few times before actually booking a shoot. With all the other options out there these days, I completely understand if you want to shop around and check out other photographers before committing to a session date. Not everybody enjoys my bold  portrait style- but if you have been hunting for unique and eye catching photography and you’re drawn to bright colours like a bee is drawn to honey, than this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Clients with unusual tastes, and alternative lifestyles welcome!EBIgiftCERTadTHINGYweb***


Want to see more samples before committing to a shoot? Click here to visit sample galleries.

If you’re ready to book a session, e-mail emily@emilybeatty.com or call 519 568 9819 to set up a photo shoot at my home studio or another location of your choice. 


Winter Graffiti Art Photography in Kitchener

portrait photographer Emily Beatty“We are currently under a blizzard warning.” said the man on the radio as I gathered my gear. Perfect. I’ve been visiting the same hidden graffiti wall near the train tracks in Kitchener for over 5 years now, but this was the first time I’d ventured out in an actual blizzard. I figured it would add some interesting texture and sense of atmosphere to my photos. I didn’t imagine I’d have to bust my way through a snow bank nearly as tall as myself to access the hidden wall.

I think it was worth the effort, because once I’ve got a particular photographic scene in my head, I can’t rest until I see it it physically emerging from my printer. Translating an image from a dream to a reality is an incredibly rewarding way to make a living, and trudging through knee high snow drifts with five bags of equipment and props in -40 degree weather on a hunt for the perfect setting for my surreal clothesline image reminded me of what it was like to be a college student, just excited to be out the world with a camera.KW graffiti photographyOver the recent holiday season, Todd gave me 5 pairs of alarmingly bright two tone knee socks– because as I’m fond of saying, “I love a good gradient.” I so admired the socks that I envisioned a scene where they hung on a line in front of some fresh and colourful graffiti before they went through the wash a bunch of times and started to lose their vibrance. I hadn’t visited my usual wall for a few months, and expected some new artwork. Surprisingly, there was just one new piece since my last visit, so it was the one I chose to highlight with my crazy bright clothesline.

Emily Beatty

The wall in March of 2013, about 10 months before the clothesline shots.


fun photographer in Kitchener

Jo Gnome, AKA F that S returns to his old stomping grounds for this photo series.

Chris Austin graffiti photos by Emily Beatty.

One more 2013 shot, featuring a super sweet shark by Chris Austin.

Kitchener graffiti

Taken using a special Lensbaby lens called The Composer.

_EBI3614editgraffiti photo Emily Beatty_EBI3700editgraffiti photography Kitchener_EBI3621edit72dpiIn addition to wanting to document my socks, I also wanted at least one good shot of my newly blue hair. In 2013 when my stylist and I spent 13 hours creating “peacock hair” using bleach, 5 shades of hair colour and about 25 foils, we only ever took one photo of the end result. (Which was pretty spectacular, I have to say.) While the blue took a mere 6 hours to create, I still figured it deserved at least one decent shot for the record books. Consequently, this was the first time I took a tripod to the wall with the intention of creating a self portrait. I took about 5 snaps, then gave up because I was beginning to worry that my fingers were literally freezing, and maybe I should have paid more attention to that weather dude that told me to stay indoors. self portrait by Emily Beatty

In my experience, the images I create for my own satisfaction are the ones that people respond to with the most enthusiasm when viewing my portfolio. This is why it is so vitally important for photographers that consider themselves artists to continuously pursue personal work and creative projects, just for the fun of it. Its easy to fall out of love with photography once it becomes your day to day reality and a means to an end.

My business philosophy involves the mantra, “do something you love long enough, and eventually someone will pay you to do it.” Here’s hoping! These photos may not make it onto anybody’s wall. They probably won’t inspire a bride to hire me for a wedding, or convince a new mother to choose me to document her brand new bundle of joy. Its unlikely that I’ll ever make any money off of them, and yet they are deeply satisfying to me. I’m using my camera to follow my heart… and so far it’s been a colourful quest!

If you enjoyed this post, kindly like it, share it, or leave a comment below. It is always much appreciated when you help me share my work, and bring new visitors to this blog. Have a most excellent day!

Yoga To Beat Cancer Event Photography in Victoria Park Pavilion

_EBI9314edittitlepageFriday November 22nd, 2013 was the night of the first ever Yoga to Beat Cancer fundraising event hosted by the Canadian Cancer society in Kitchener’s Victoria Park Pavilion. Close to 150 participants registered and collected donations from sponsors to draw strength and support from each other as a group and raise over $8000 for cancer research.

Queen St. Yoga instructors were on hand to lead fundraisers in a 2 hour yoga practice that was regularly punctuated by feverish dance party breaks. The DJs at the event had a great selection of current dance hits and the crowd was definitely feeling the music, twisting, leaping, and even doing a Conga line at one point. Unsure of exactly what to expect, the yogis were delighted by the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the glow in the dark dance party.

I would photograph the next Yoga to Beat Cancer event in a heartbeat! Even though I was stressing about how busy I was on the way over to the Pavilion, by the time I left the event I was in a far more relaxed and positive frame of mind.

As far as I’m concerned, this was a flawless first time event thanks to the amazing team at the Canadian Cancer Society and their trusty squad of community volunteers.

Thanks for a phantasmagoric evening!

_EBI8915edit_web_EBI8923edit_webyoga_Kitchener_cancer_EBI9077edit_web_EBI8870edit_webYoga To Beat Cancer_EBI9072edit_web_EBI9018edit_webYoga to Beat Cancer photos by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013. Yoga To Beat Cancer 2013_EBI8942edit_web_EBI9308edit_webyoga_Kitchener_event_photographer_EBI9177edit_webYoga to Beat Cancer photos by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013. _EBI9000edit*art_web_EBI8908edit_webYoga_to_beat_cancer_2013_EBI9191edit_webyoga_Kitchener_EBI8996editcrop_web_EBI9262edit_web_EBI9218edit_web_EBI9238edit_web_EBI9186edit_web_EBI9170edit*_webyoga_to_beat_cancer_EBI8998edit*_web_EBI9122edit_web_EBI9222edit_web_EBI9195edit*_web_EBI9221edit_web_EBI9106edit_webyoga_to_beat_cancer_conga_line_EBI9058edit_web_EBI9143edit_web_EBI9213edit*_web_EBI9249edit_web_EBI9009edit_web_EBI8996edit_web_EBI9251edit_web_EBI9105edit_web_EBI9128edit_web_EBI9051edit_web_EBI8994edit_web_EBI9226edit_web_EBI9224edit_web_EBI9152edit_web_EBI9001edit*_web_EBI9266edit_web_EBI9314edit_web_EBI9312edit_web_EBI9033edit_web

“Wake Up, Santa!” Breakfast at Steckle Heritage Farm


Once again, the staff at Steckle have come up with a totally unique community event. Their “Wake Up, Santa!” breakfast on November 30th was a real treat for both the young and the young at heart. My presence was a last minute thought, but I’m glad I was on hand to capture the atmosphere of joy in the barn that morning.

group photo at Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener

The staff at Steckle Heritage Farm pose for a photo with Santa outside the 180 year old barn.

Families arrived at the farm around 9am, and gathered around the curtained stage where Santa was rumoured to be snoozing. When the curtains were drawn, all the children shouted, “Wake up, Santa!” and the big man himself sat up with a smile! Santa put on his coat and his boots and proceeded to visit with all the breakfast guests while they enjoyed pancakes, sausages, clementines, hot drinks, and other goodies.

Once everybody got a chance to eat, Santa sat down on his special straw throne and invited all the children to meet him one at a time, take a loot bag, and pose for a photo or two. Children also had the opportunity to make a tree ornament and visit with all the animals that live year round at the farm.

There were a TON of smiles in the barn that morning before Santa had to head back to the North Pole. Merry Christmas to all the friends of Steckle!

Santa! in Kitchenersleeping Santa at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm_EBI1781edit_WEB_EBI1803edit_WEB_EBI1848editSanta at Steckle Heritage Farm. _EBI1856editSanta in Kitchener_EBI1876edit_EBI2029edit_webSteckle tree. Never too old for Santa. _EBI1770edit_web_EBI4336edit!_web_EBI1887edit_web_EBI1896edit_web_EBI1897edit_web_EBI2164edit_WEB_EBI2121edit_WEB_EBI2196editWEBpullback_EBI2092edit_WEB_EBI1934edit_WEB_EBI2020editHoHo_WEB_EBI4329edit!_webanimals at Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener on Bleams Road._EBI2183edit_webSanta, Kitchener eventSanta and Mrs. ClausWishing you all the best this holiday season, and in 2014 from Emily Beatty Imagery and the entire team at Steckle Heritage Farm.