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Mother Daughter Portraits with a Canadian Twist


These images tell a story that begins and ends in Algonquin Park. My cousin Cicely and I have always been very close, even though we don’t get to see each other much. When we do get together, its often just a few days each summer at our beloved family cottage in Algonquin Park. Cic grew up spending her entire summers at sleep away camp in the Provincial Park, and eventually became an accomplished canoer and camper, spending up to 50 days at a time traveling through remote wilderness with a close group of young women that remain some of her closest friends.


Five years ago (to the day!!!) I had the joy of documenting Cicely and Dan’s glorious Christmas themed wedding. When we learned that Cic would become a mother, right away, long before the baby arrived, we began talking about how we could possibly rendevouz at my place during the summer for a creative photo session. The logistics were going to be tricky. You see, my beloved cousin and her baby are American. They live in Cincinnati. Nevertheless, Canada holds a special place in Cicely’s heart, and we both wanted to commemorate her baby girl’s first trip to our mutual favourite place on earth- the cottage. At the same time, Canada was still riding the celebration from our recent 150th anniversary on July 1st. If ever there was a time to dream up a Canada themed photo shoot, this was it! We spent less than 24 hours together in 2017, but we sure did make the most of it. So without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce you to Cicely, and her beautiful daughter, sweet miss Louise. I’m so pleased I could capture their relationship and this special moment in our history.


Sending hugs South of the border. xoxo

What’s Up? Springtime Studio Portraits!

Spring has finally sprung, and with the changing of the seasons, a number of my regular clients have been in touch, asking me, “Hey what’s going on with spring minis? Are you doing kids photos any time soon?” Well, yes and no. No I don’t have any styled mini shoots scheduled at the moment– not until annual holiday minis in November anyway. But yes I am still offering up my home studio for individual sessions! This means we are free to customize the set for your family’s unique needs.

This is one such family, some devoted clients that have just been blessed with a second son earlier this month. (Congratulations C & A!) This family didn’t want a full scale newborn shoot, just a handful of images that would capture this moment in their family’s story. We were able to plan a 30 minute shoot within days of our initial e-mail. During that time, we took photos of the entire family, the new arrival, his big brother, and the two of them posing together for the very first time. I’m proud to report that I was able to turn this particular shoot around pretty fast too, just 7 days from shoot, to proof gallery, to finished order.

Standard processing for a family session is 3 weeks but lately I’ve been cutting that down, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re hoping to have pictures in time for Mother’s Day. There’s still time if we get started shortly!

These indoor studio shoots will be my focus for the next couple of months while we Canadians wait for the weather to warm up enough for outdoor sessions. Need a gift idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day 2017? Studio photos are always a hit with parents and grandparents. Right now, for a 30 minute studio session with your choice of 2 different backdrops, minimal props, and 5 edited digital portraits (including print release) the cost is just $250 plus HST. Considering updated portraits for your own family? E-mail emily@emilybeatty.com to inquire about a session or to request a personalized quote.

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Winter Graffiti Art Photography in Kitchener

portrait photographer Emily Beatty“We are currently under a blizzard warning.” said the man on the radio as I gathered my gear. Perfect. I’ve been visiting the same hidden graffiti wall near the train tracks in Kitchener for over 5 years now, but this was the first time I’d ventured out in an actual blizzard. I figured it would add some interesting texture and sense of atmosphere to my photos. I didn’t imagine I’d have to bust my way through a snow bank nearly as tall as myself to access the hidden wall.

I think it was worth the effort, because once I’ve got a particular photographic scene in my head, I can’t rest until I see it it physically emerging from my printer. Translating an image from a dream to a reality is an incredibly rewarding way to make a living, and trudging through knee high snow drifts with five bags of equipment and props in -40 degree weather on a hunt for the perfect setting for my surreal clothesline image reminded me of what it was like to be a college student, just excited to be out the world with a camera.KW graffiti photographyOver the recent holiday season, Todd gave me 5 pairs of alarmingly bright two tone knee socks– because as I’m fond of saying, “I love a good gradient.” I so admired the socks that I envisioned a scene where they hung on a line in front of some fresh and colourful graffiti before they went through the wash a bunch of times and started to lose their vibrance. I hadn’t visited my usual wall for a few months, and expected some new artwork. Surprisingly, there was just one new piece since my last visit, so it was the one I chose to highlight with my crazy bright clothesline.

Emily Beatty

The wall in March of 2013, about 10 months before the clothesline shots.


fun photographer in Kitchener

Jo Gnome, AKA F that S returns to his old stomping grounds for this photo series.

Chris Austin graffiti photos by Emily Beatty.

One more 2013 shot, featuring a super sweet shark by Chris Austin.

Kitchener graffiti

Taken using a special Lensbaby lens called The Composer.

_EBI3614editgraffiti photo Emily Beatty_EBI3700editgraffiti photography Kitchener_EBI3621edit72dpiIn addition to wanting to document my socks, I also wanted at least one good shot of my newly blue hair. In 2013 when my stylist and I spent 13 hours creating “peacock hair” using bleach, 5 shades of hair colour and about 25 foils, we only ever took one photo of the end result. (Which was pretty spectacular, I have to say.) While the blue took a mere 6 hours to create, I still figured it deserved at least one decent shot for the record books. Consequently, this was the first time I took a tripod to the wall with the intention of creating a self portrait. I took about 5 snaps, then gave up because I was beginning to worry that my fingers were literally freezing, and maybe I should have paid more attention to that weather dude that told me to stay indoors. self portrait by Emily Beatty

In my experience, the images I create for my own satisfaction are the ones that people respond to with the most enthusiasm when viewing my portfolio. This is why it is so vitally important for photographers that consider themselves artists to continuously pursue personal work and creative projects, just for the fun of it. Its easy to fall out of love with photography once it becomes your day to day reality and a means to an end.

My business philosophy involves the mantra, “do something you love long enough, and eventually someone will pay you to do it.” Here’s hoping! These photos may not make it onto anybody’s wall. They probably won’t inspire a bride to hire me for a wedding, or convince a new mother to choose me to document her brand new bundle of joy. Its unlikely that I’ll ever make any money off of them, and yet they are deeply satisfying to me. I’m using my camera to follow my heart… and so far it’s been a colourful quest!

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