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Sneak Peek: Rustic Glam 2014 Holiday Minis in Kitchener

Emily_Beatty_holiday_glamIf I had to sum up the theme for this year’s holiday mini photo shoots in just one word, I’d go with COZY. If I had to elaborate, I’d say we were going for rustic charm with a glamorous edge and a hint of vintage inspiration. The idea for this set began back in the summer when I paid a man in a church yard $25 for a lovely red vintage Canam Flyer sled. He had just personally refinished it by hand. The day before the minis, I raided my sister’s home and discovered yet another beautiful vintage sled, and the red tractor that my father made by hand for his first grandson. Excited to have some new props on hand, I planned the set around them and asked my clients to come wearing neutral and deep red outfits with a bit of sparkle here and there, and they did me proud! Furthermore, we had handmade hats and accessories provided by local business, Kissing Bridge Krafts. In the end, all the elements coalesced into some very festive holiday portraits of some gorgeous families. This is your first peek at this year’s holiday mini portraits, but it won’t be your last. Enjoy!Emily_Beatty_Imagery_Christmas_PhotoKnightFamilyXmas20148x10_proof_EBI3691edit_proofEmily_Beatty_Imagery_3xmas_EBI1705edit_proofEmily_Beatty_holiday_ministwin_photographer_Kitchener_Emily_BeattyCanadian_holiday_style_EBI2061editREDshoes_proofcouples_holiday_photos_KW_EBI1612editSQ_proof



Hero Themed Portraits For A Super 3 Year Old Girl

Emily_Beatty_0948Super_Pepper_edittext_*webThis little “super” model belongs to some very good friends of mine. The pictures were taken a few days after Halloween and a few days before Miss P’s third birthday, the perfect occasion for a fun dress up themed photo shoot. I’ve been dreaming of these images for many months, so its very exciting to finally see them come together here on the blog!

There are 3 reasons I’m so excited about these photos. 1) I genuinely love this kid. I mean, her middle name is literally, Awesome. You can just tell she’s destined for great things. She’s independent, outgoing, fun loving, and she’s got some pretty sweet dance moves for a 3 year old. 2) Her parents are both very creative, and they’re both huge comic nerds — which I say with the greatest affection. Their home is packed with toys and books. They even have a secret room full of collectables hidden in their basement behind a fake bookshelf. Most of the toys and outfits pictured here are items that Pepper’s mom gathered up from their home on the morning of our shoot. How many 3 year olds can truthfully say they have their own Batmobile? This one can! Basically, the super hero theme represents this particular family just perfectly. 3) We tried to create a very empowering, girl positive collection of images, and I believe Miss Pepper will enjoy seeing herself in these pictures as she grows up. I love that its a little girl that stars in my first super hero themed shoot.

We were able to tie in nods to Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Adventure Time, Dr. Seuss, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Spiderman. I like to think that by the time Pepper is grown up, there will be more famous female super heros for her to share with the next generation. _EBI0919Super_Pepper_edit_*web




Headbands and hair clips were all made locally by Kissing Bridge Krafts.

Spooky Styled Halloween Minis

KnightCard2014Witch_**Its no secret that Halloween is my favourite holiday. I’ve always loved the anything goes atmosphere and especially the dress up opportunities that come along with October 31st. Since becoming a grownup, putting together the set for Halloween minis has become my new favourite annual tradition. I always spend way to much time and money collecting new orange, green, black, white, and purple items to decorate with. Next I spend a small fortune on Bulk Barn candy, and finally I visit Nauman’s Farm in St. Clements to select picture perfect pumpkins to dress the set.

Minis are great because they give me an opportunity to fully celebrate Halloween for an extra day, while playing dress up with my favourite little clients. We don’t get any trick or treaters in my neighbourhood, so this is my excuse to get in on the cuteness even though I don’t have any kids of my own yet.

This fall I had 11 cuties from 3 weeks to 14 years old come out for a short and sweet mini photo session. It was a noisy, sticky, laughter-filled, joyful kind of day. I felt especially lucky to be visited by several brand new babies that I’ve been waiting an awful long time to meet. These are just a few of my favourite images from our spooky styled shoots. Enjoy!*_EBI8338edit_web _EBI7551edit_web _EBI8086_webhalloween_pattern_4*_EBI8436edit_web _EBI7995edit_** _EBI8306edit_web _EBI8146edit_web*_EBI8355edit_web

_EBI8555edit_web _EBI8038edit_**_EBI7967edit_**halloween_pattern_4_EBI7705editGRACE2_webThis shoot marked my first collaboration with Shawna of Kissing Bridge Krafts. She provided most of the cute knitted hats and handmade headbands that appeared in these images. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to embellish our holiday mini portraits. Thanks Shawna!

Picture Perfect Pumpkins at Nauman’s Farm in St. Clements

_EBI4924Emily_Beatty_2014_*Since becoming a full time photographer, my new favourite seasonal tradition is selecting the most photogenic pumpkins in the patch for my annual Halloween minis. I think its an odd genetic trait passed down from my mother. For some reason, we both get strangely enthusiastic about decorative produce.

Three years ago my friend Jessi introduced me to Nauman Farm in St. Clements and I have taken my camera and left with a carload full of squash, gourds, and pumpkins every year since. What I like about Nauman’s is the extensive variety of seasonal produce that they have available. Every year there are new types of squash and pumpkins that I’ve never seen before. If you’re got the time, there’s also an extensive corn maze, and a pretty sweet selection of baked goods and local specialties like honey and summer sausage._EBI7316Emily_Beatty_2014_*

This year, I would like to thank my friend Susan for accompanying me to the pumpkin patch, and for doing all the heavy lifting, and for looking so darn stylish while doing it.

We visited the farm on a cloudy Thursday afternoon just before closing time, and apparently timed it just right. Bumping our way down the lengthy lane way leading back to the city, we paused to admire a subtle sunset that made the surrounding fall foliage glow and illuminated rows upon rows of pumpkins laid out in the fields. Only moments away from the farm, I found myself looking forward to next year’s visit. I know it will be here again before I know it!_EBI3119Emily_Beatty_2014_*_EBI5037edit-orange-pumpkin_*_EBI3031Emily_Beatty_2014_**_EBI5056pumpkins1_**_EBI7340Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7379Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7398Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI5073Emily_Beatty_2014_*_EBI3118Emily_Beatty_2014_*_EBI7367Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7381Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI3046Emily_Beatty_2014_**_EBI7345Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7349Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7375Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*_EBI7314Emily_Beatty_2014_*_EBI7372Emily_Beatty_2014_Naumans_Farm_*


Happy Halloween, Canada!

Canadian_Halloween_Flag_Emily_Beatty_webIt’s finally here, my favourite holiday. HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN from E.R. Bunnicula and EBI !

I spent most of the day frantically Photoshopping festive montages for clients, friends and family, then I took a few hours off to go trick or treating with my sister’s 3 little ones in Elmira. One of the best parts of being an auntie is having a good reason to dress up and act silly on October 31st. I was super grumpy driving out there, but our family traditions cheered me right up and on the way home, I caught myself smiling as I waited for trick or treaters to cross the road. _EBI8890edit_web


I’m going to spend the rest of my evening watching Hocus Pocus AGAIN and blogging about the pumpkin patch and Halloween Minis.

This dress was custom made for my figure by the awesome ladies at Delirium Clothing on King St. in Uptown Waterloo.

This dress was custom made for my figure by the awesome ladies at Delirium Clothing on King St. in Uptown Waterloo.

What’s your favourite Halloween movie? I need some recommendations, let me know in the comments!