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Mother’s Day Floral Workshop with From The Potting Shed

Last month, just before Mother’s Day, I attended a Mother Daughter floral workshop with the buds at From The Potting Shed, and the lousy weather didn’t stop my mom, my aunt Debbie, my cousin Alex and I from having a grand ol’ time– and going outside to take pictures in the rain. Earlier in the day we got a quick garden tour and then learned how to make spring twig wreaths and floral crowns. In between there was a catered lunch and some excellent photo opportunities.


We had a lovely time making our wreaths and crowns, but the real pleasure of this workshop was luxuriating in the ambience surrounding the French peasant gardens and the stone cottage that Elaine and the team at From the Potting Shed call home. Don’t even get me started on that incredible weeping cherry tree! Those pink blossoms totally made my day. Here’s a taste of all the pretty that went down at the 2017 Mother’s Day workshop.


Did you like the look of this workshop? From The Potting Shed will be hosting another very similar workshop called Fairies and Flowers on July 9th, 2017.

Want to see a complete gallery of images from this workshop? Visit my gallery website. Want to see another blog post showcasing flowers from FTPS? View my open house post.

Thank you for a beautiful day mama, Alex, Debbie, and all the buds From The Potting Shed.

They’re Married! Meryl & Bill’s Photo Wall Teasers

montage1mbSeptember 24th, 2016 was an idyllic day, one filled with love and sunshine and celebration.  A week ago, Meryl and Bill said “I do”, and I was honoured to be there at the Toronto Hunt Club to capture the whole day, from early morning mimosas to late night toasts on the dance floor. You can bet that there are an awful lot more photos to come, but for those of you who just can’t wait, here’s a tiny taste of M & B’s big day and the custom photo wall I created just for the occasion.  Congratulations, you two!!! xoxoebi_5458edit_ebi_1468edit_ ebi_1473edit_ ebi_1509edit_ ebi_1519edit_ebi_1345edit_ebi_1148edit_ebi_1556edit_ ebi_1753edit2_ebi_1540edit_

Emily & Patrick’s Green Wedding Reception at Victoria Park Pavilion

One hot July day in 2016, two souls were joined in marriage as a plethora of guests from all corners of the globe looked on. After Emily and Patrick’s heartfelt church ceremony, their friends, family, and small wedding party headed for Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener where a massive celebration would soon be underway. After the nuptials, the sky opened up for a terrific thunderstorm, but luckily by that point the party had been safely relocated to the Pavilion and dinner was underway.EBI_1364Em&Pat_*

With many of the groom’s Irish family in attendance, a very green theme made perfect sense for Emily and Pat’s wedding reception. There was plenty of good food and drink on hand as guests took in all the thoughtful little touches that reflected both Emily and Patrick and their mutual loves. From shamrock sugar cookies to family heirlooms and wee bunny rabbit decorations in honour of their pet, Simon, there were plenty of unique things to behold at this wedding.

Then there was the photo wall! After plenty of discussions over the past year, Emily and I agreed that I would attend their reception and photograph some key details of speeches and decor, but my main job would be to create a totally unique customized photo wall that would contribute to their green, green and more green theme. In the end I painted an abstract botanical pattern for the main backdrop, and accented it with handmade giant paper succulents. By setting up a freestanding photo wall on the stage at the Victoria Park Pavilion the day before, I was able to simply walk on set and start photographing the guests the evening of the wedding. As an added bonus for the happy couple, the custom photo backdrop provided extra ambiance to the venue throughout their whole reception.

As usual, the guests took to the photo wall like ducks to water and before long I found myself sorting through hundreds of hilarious group shots. Here are a bunch of my favourites. Emily and Patrick, I hope that as the years stretch on you and all of your friends and family get a real kick out of reliving your fantastic wedding celebration through these images.



EBI_3496_*EBI_3802_* EBI_3589_* EBI_3920_*EBI_3555_*EBI_4302_*EBI_4100_* EBI_4030_*EBI_3611_*EBI_3733_*EBI_4126_* EBI_4068_*EBI_4125_*EBI_4137_*EBI_4055_*EBI_3922SQ_* EBI_3595_* EBI_3547_* EBI_3625BW_* EBI_3658_* EBI_3662BW_*EBI_3896_*EBI_3785_* EBI_3710_* EBI_3715_*EBI_3682_*  EBI_3745_* EBI_3765_* EBI_3773BW_* EBI_3774_*  EBI_3795_* EBI_3798_*  EBI_3818_* EBI_3847_* EBI_3851_* EBI_3862_*  EBI_3899_* EBI_3906_*     EBI_3934_* EBI_3936_*   EBI_3949BW_* EBI_3960sq_* EBI_3961_* EBI_3978sq_* EBI_4003_*  EBI_4029_*     EBI_4061_*  EBI_4074_*  EBI_4086_* EBI_4098_*  EBI_4112BW_*   EBI_4128_*   EBI_4162_* EBI_4174_* EBI_4177_* EBI_4190_* EBI_4208_* EBI_4221_* EBI_4321_* EBI_4333_*  EBI_4356_* EBI_4367sqBW_*


Congratulations E & P, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and a most excellent life together!!!

xo Emily

Alli’s All That Glitters 30th Birthday Bash & Photo Wall

Alli is somebody that I shared plenty of lunch hours with back when we were both high school students at E.D.S.S. 15 years ago. Over the past year or two, we’ve had the opportunity to reconnect over several different creative projects. As it turns out, we have a lot in common when it comes to style. I was thrilled back in August when she enlisted me to create a custom photo wall for her 30th birthday party at Beertown in Waterloo Town Square. We agreed that pink, white, and gold glitter would be our theme and right away I starting imagining how I might be able to create a super sparkly backdrop for Alli’s party pics.

30th_EBI_4400HBA__blog We experienced the first big snow of the season on the November night of the party, and it certainly contributed a lovely atmosphere to the event. Big fat flakes spiraled lazily from the sky and more than once I caught party goers outside crafting snowballs and then pelting their friends. The birthday girl loves wintertime and so it didn’t take too much to convince a few guests to step outside with her for some seasonal snaps.EBI_4460Alli30teaser__blog

I’m so glad I got this opportunity to re-use some of the handmade paper flowers from my wedding, and to make Alli a statement wall that really dazzled. Alli’s guests were treated to fabulous food, cake and cupcakes, party favours, plenty of drinks, a customized playlist, and even handmade photo props designed to accentuate our custom wall. The result was a night to remember… although now that I think about it, I suspect that not everybody survived the night with their memory perfectly intact. Good thing we ended up with all these fun party pics so that everyone can relive that festivities again and again.

Alli, may your 30th year be your best one yet.


30th_EBI_4395__blog30th_EBI_4667__blog 30th_EBI_4609__blog 30th_EBI_4783__blog30th_EBI_4895__blog30th_EBI_4732__blog30th_EBI_4679__blog 30th_EBI_4441__blog 30th_EBI_4462__blog 30th_EBI_4467__blog 30th_EBI_4508__blog 30th_EBI_4602glitters__blog30th_EBI_4531__blog30th_EBI_4664__blog30th_EBI_4892__blog30th_EBI_4686__blog30th_EBI_4486__blog30th_EBI_4867__blog30th_EBI_4602__blog 30th_EBI_4555CROP__blog 30th_EBI_4585__blog 30th_EBI_4842__blog30th_EBI_4643__blog30th_EBI_4406__blog30th_EBI_4837__blog 30th_EBI_4826__blog 30th_EBI_4531__blog30th_EBI_4851__blog30th_EBI_4450__blog30th_EBI_4740__blog30th_EBI_4390__blog30th_EBI_4632__blog



Steckle Heritage Farm’s Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt

EasterEggHunt2014_EBI5002edit_*WMtitleThis past Friday, two hundred children and their parents participated in Steckle Heritage Farm‘s most successful Easter event yet. Now in its third year, the hunt has steadily grown in popularity. In fact, the Steckle team was prepared for a full house after registrations for the 2014 hunt crashed their website almost immediately after it was announced. Fortunately, thanks to some good planning, everybody was happy and cooperative during the hunt and each participant enjoyed an assortment of treats as well as fun farm activities.

The feedback I heard from parents this year has been overwhelmingly positive. From the hunt to the crafts to petting all kinds of baby animals and the DIY photobooth that I provided for parents to use, the crowd agrees, this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at Steckle Heritage Farm was a great time for all involved. Despite grey skies and a little bit of rain towards the end of the second hunt, everyone that came out left with a basket of sweets and a smile_EBI5200edit_*.


SteckleEggHunt_EBI5016edit_*Thanks to all of the Steckle staff and my fellow volunteers for making this Easter Egg Hunt such a memorable occasion. Happy Easter!!!

Full Gallery of 2014 KW Polar Plunge Pictures

Making A Splash for A Good CauseKW_Polar_Plunge_2014_Emily_Beatty_Imagery

It was a brave crowd that came out for the third annual KW Polar Plunge on Saturday February 22nd, 2014. This fun and dramatic community event is the pride and joy of founder Greg Lehman, who started it three years ago after losing a bet. Participants including Greg collect donations from sponsors, and then dress up and jump into freezing water to support KidsAbility, and the families that benefit from their services.

The numbers are in, and this year’s event raised $7,816.75, all of which will go directly to the KidsAbility facility in Waterloo. KidsAbility is a terrific organization that “empowers children & youth with special needs to realize their full potential through life-changing therapy and support services”._EBI7043edit_web

This winter has been the coldest on record for many years, and those who took the plunge deserve a lot of credit for boldly jumping into a COLD kiddie pool on a day that hovered right around zero degrees. The rest of us were awfully grateful to be bundled up in boots, hats and jackets that were a bit more appropriate for the middle of winter in Canada. I think every one of us in Waterloo Town Square that day was glad that the event was rescheduled from the original January 25th date due to dangerously cold temperatures. Zero Celsius is pretty cold– but it could have been worse!Polar_Plunge_KW_2014

As always, it is the volunteers, community sponsors, and local businesses that made this event such a success. Thanks to Nom Nom Treats, Hogg Heating and Air Conditioning, KFUN 99.5FM, 105.3 KOOL FM, Soul Awakenings Yoga Boutique, Spike Creative Solutions, Bre Creative, Bright Water Services, Boston Pizza, Beertown, and everyone else that made a splash at this year’s KW Polar Plunge.

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of the events, check out my previous blog post about the 2014 event. If you want the full story, keep scrolling down to view all of the event photos from this year’s Polar Plunge.



The delightful team that organized the 2014 KW Polar Plunge.

The delightful team that organized the 2014 KW Polar Plunge.

Thanks to the Hogg Hot House for once again keeping our Plungers warm(ish).

Thanks to the Hogg Hot House for once again keeping our Plungers warm(ish).nom_nom_treats_KW_Polar_Plunge

Bre Creative always makes time to volunteer for community events.

Bre Creative always makes time to volunteer for community events.


Thanks to Nom Nom treats and volunteers Keirra Reid and Charlotte Armstrong for the delicious custom cookies!

Thanks to Nom Nom treats and volunteers Keirra Reid and Charlotte Armstrong for the delicious custom cookies!


Greg's Marilyn Monroe moment.

Greg’s Marilyn Monroe moment.


Our fearless leader, KW Polar Plunge founder, Greg Lehman.

Our fearless leader, KW Polar Plunge founder, Greg Lehman.

2014_KW_Polar_Plunge2014_ KW_Polar_Plunge_EBI6932edit_web_EBI7272edit_web_EBI7186edit_web_EBI7217edit_web_EBI7182edit_web_EBI7193edit_web

Dear Banana Girl, you left your red hoodie at the Polar Plunge. Please contact event organizers via Facebook so that we can get it back to you!_EBI7267edit_web


Did you like what you saw here? Please leave a comment below to tell the organizers what you thought of this year’s event, and don’t forget to nominate your friends and family for next year’s Polar Plunge!