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Mother Daughter Portraits with a Canadian Twist


These images tell a story that begins and ends in Algonquin Park. My cousin Cicely and I have always been very close, even though we don’t get to see each other much. When we do get together, its often just a few days each summer at our beloved family cottage in Algonquin Park. Cic grew up spending her entire summers at sleep away camp in the Provincial Park, and eventually became an accomplished canoer and camper, spending up to 50 days at a time traveling through remote wilderness with a close group of young women that remain some of her closest friends.


Five years ago (to the day!!!) I had the joy of documenting Cicely and Dan’s glorious Christmas themed wedding. When we learned that Cic would become a mother, right away, long before the baby arrived, we began talking about how we could possibly rendevouz at my place during the summer for a creative photo session. The logistics were going to be tricky. You see, my beloved cousin and her baby are American. They live in Cincinnati. Nevertheless, Canada holds a special place in Cicely’s heart, and we both wanted to commemorate her baby girl’s first trip to our mutual favourite place on earth- the cottage. At the same time, Canada was still riding the celebration from our recent 150th anniversary on July 1st. If ever there was a time to dream up a Canada themed photo shoot, this was it! We spent less than 24 hours together in 2017, but we sure did make the most of it. So without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce you to Cicely, and her beautiful daughter, sweet miss Louise. I’m so pleased I could capture their relationship and this special moment in our history.


Sending hugs South of the border. xoxo

Mother’s Day Floral Workshop with From The Potting Shed

Last month, just before Mother’s Day, I attended a Mother Daughter floral workshop with the buds at From The Potting Shed, and the lousy weather didn’t stop my mom, my aunt Debbie, my cousin Alex and I from having a grand ol’ time– and going outside to take pictures in the rain. Earlier in the day we got a quick garden tour and then learned how to make spring twig wreaths and floral crowns. In between there was a catered lunch and some excellent photo opportunities.


We had a lovely time making our wreaths and crowns, but the real pleasure of this workshop was luxuriating in the ambience surrounding the French peasant gardens and the stone cottage that Elaine and the team at From the Potting Shed call home. Don’t even get me started on that incredible weeping cherry tree! Those pink blossoms totally made my day. Here’s a taste of all the pretty that went down at the 2017 Mother’s Day workshop.


Did you like the look of this workshop? From The Potting Shed will be hosting another very similar workshop called Fairies and Flowers on July 9th, 2017.

Want to see a complete gallery of images from this workshop? Visit my gallery website. Want to see another blog post showcasing flowers from FTPS? View my open house post.

Thank you for a beautiful day mama, Alex, Debbie, and all the buds From The Potting Shed.

Hello 2017! EBI News and Photography Features

2013-EBIpinkredBLOG***Oh hello! Its February, the world feels a little crazy right now, and that means here at EBI we are celebrating LOVE. Todd and I have recently relocated to a house near Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, and plans to construct an on site full time studio space are underway. There have been a lot of sleepless nights and pinching pennies, but at long last our dreams are taking shape! I want to thank you personally for helping me get to the point in my career where a full time studio space makes sense. It feels like high time to show some appreciation to the clients that have been with me from the start. That means its time to announce some new promotions. You’ve earned it.ithinkyourecoolEmilyBEattyImagery

First of all, all 2016 prices will be extended until March 1st 2017. Book a portrait session on location or at my temporary home studio this month for big savings.ebi_2683editCOLOUR

Next up, take a peek at our VALENTINE’S PREPAID PORTRAIT DEAL. Maybe you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for your love, or maybe you are just a smart shopper planning ahead for when you know you are going to want photos later this year. I designed this feature to give devoted customers an option to get the best possible value for 2017 portraits. The idea is you purchase a photo shoot voucher now at 2016 prices, and use it anytime in 2017.ValentinesFacebookInstaADebi

If you’re a returning EBI client and you redeem your voucher before October 2017, you’ll also receive an extra 5 edited digital files with your package. That’s $125 worth of free photography to say thank you for your loyalty. If you know you’re going to want family portraits or maternity or newborn photographs this year, planning ahead and purchasing the prepaid portrait deal could save you hundreds of dollars! ithinkyoureawesomeEmilyBEattyImagery2

Now technically, this is a Valentine’s Deal, but there’s definitely no rule against treating yourself this February 14th! Give a voucher as a gift, or hang on to it for your own family later this year. Choose from any of the six location or studio portrait packages listed on the investment page of the EBI website for your voucher value. Options range from $200 to $450 including tax. ebi_2165edit+lightleak

You can contact me via Facebook or by e-mailing to order a handmade voucher until February 14th. Book your photo shoot right away, or wait until summertime and be one of the first people to enjoy our newly constructed Kitchener photo studio. 13275787_10156953963385252_741750636_n

Stay tuned for our next blog post, 2017 EBI BOUDOIR FEATURES!EmilyBeattyImageryFWPW20171
























One Afternoon, Four Generations Of Summertime Portraits



Church bells rang and the sun shone bright and warm the day I met this charming family. After finding each other online through some mutual friends, we met at the family home in the very most picturesque neighbourhood in Historic Kitchener to update four generations of family portraits. Sometimes organizing so many family members can be a real challenge, but this group was great to work with.



Our goal was to come up with 20 different portraits that would coordinate nicely with each other. All the participants would then have enough images to decorate their walls or make a customized photo album with the images. It had been quite some time since these folks got together to take family photos, and is often the case, it was a new baby in the family that set things in motion. After introductions, we flew through a few group shots, then split apart into little groups for some smaller couples portraits and individual family photos. Years from now, I hope this sweet little lady sees these images and knows how much love and joy she has brought this family.

ebi_3251editsq_montage 4montage ebi_2971edit_montage  ebi_3012edit_montage ebi_3015edit_montage ebi_3027edit_montageebi_3268edit_montage ebi_3047editcrop_montageebi_3170editsq_montage ebi_3059editcrop_montage  ebi_3121edit_montage ebi_3135edit_montage  ebi_3211edit_montage ebi_3231edit_montage    ebi_3268editcrop_montage ebi_3414editcrop_montageebi_3064edit_montage


Welcome, Grettah Grace

ebi_6330-2editThe heatwave had been going strong for weeks on end when my little sister delivered her 4th perfect baby into the world. A sister for Lucy. What’s more, she was born en caul, which I understand only happens once in 80,000 births. An auspicious sign, if you believe the superstitions. This wee girl, the smallest and most dainty of the family was born at home, and was delivered swiftly, looking perfect with not a single scratch or blemish.  Her name means pearl. A beachy theme for her very first photo shoot seemed appropriate for all kinds of reasons. Here’s a tiny taste of the sweetness that is my brand new niece. ebi_6313-2editgrettahname




Auntie Em is excited to watch you grow up. I have a feeling this is the first of many photo shoots we will share together. xoxo

Bonding Through Breastfeeding, A Photo Essay



One of the most unexpectedly fascinating parts of becoming a grown up has been watching many of my peers become parents. My little sister and most of my close female friends are now mothers. I love seeing the diverse ways they choose to raise their children. Parenthood has brought about new characteristics, new strengths, weaknesses, new insights and new joys in each of them.

I can recall a recent conversation with a high school friend, mother to a beautiful 6 month old baby girl, where she said something like, “I had always heard that breastfeeding created a special bond between mother and child, and I thought I knew what it was going to be like, but really I had no idea what it would be like.” She was amazed at the depth of the bond that this relationship created between her and her baby.



Not every mother is physically capable of breastfeeding her child. As far as I’m concerned, any parent that is keeping their baby healthy by feeding it a whole bunch of times every single day is doing a great job. Some of my friends used formula, some dedicated moms pumped every 3 hours for months on end to provide the benefits of breast milk to their offspring, and some lucky women have the natural ability to provide sustenance directly from their bodies. For those who are able, it seems to me that breastfeeding has been a blessing. Besides the practicality of having portable infant food that is naturally fortified to provide exactly what your particular child requires, there’s also the added benefit of strengthening the bond between parent and child. Babies that are breastfeed are for the most part, healthy and content, and I’m happy to be able to share imagery that helps normalize this practice.



When another friend of mine who is also a longtime client had a baby girl of her own in the spring of 2015, she too discovered that breastfeeding was a way to get to know her baby. She is determined to enjoy the process of becoming a mother and wanted to document the activity that had been such a comfort to her and her daughter in the first months after Miss R. was born.

The images in this blog post are lifestyle type pictures that we captured together one cold winter day. They are pictures that are deeply personal, but also important to share.

I’ll let Kate explain why in her own words.



“Breastfeeding. I had no idea how much this simple act of nourishment and comfort would mean to me, or how much it would bring to my relationship with Rory. When she was tiny, it was the only way she’d sleep (which is incredibly healthy and normal!). As she grew, it was the magical substance and space that helped her get well when she was sick. It’s a sure bet to calm her and make her feel safe as she tumbles around exploring the world and her body’s abilities. And now, it’s the first thing she asks for when she’s had a mommy-less day at daycare. My body is amazing. It provides not just physical, but emotional and mental nourishment for my child.



But breastfeeding can be really, really hard. Not just at the beginning when mum and babe are learning the whole dance of latching and positions and milk flow. It’s hard when they hit the age of distraction and won’t stay latched because everything else in the world is too interesting. It’s hard when you’ve been woken up for the umpteenth time that night and the boob is the only thing to put babe back into a sweet slumber. It’s hard when they are teething and bite your nipples like a little chew toy (and yes, there’s been blood!). It’s hard when you have to go back to work and begin to wean babe from the one thing that has brought you both so much comfort and countless hours of slumber. And, at any stage in your breastfeeding journey, it’s ESPECIALLY hard when you are out in public and babe needs/wants to nurse, yet you are fearful of the ridicule, stares or gestures from strangers.



Public breastfeeding is something that I am very comfortable with. Not just because it’s the best (and easiest) thing for our family, but because it’s a movement I believe wholeheartedly in. It’s important to me to do all I can to help normalize breastfeeding, in real life and on social media!



To commemorate my journey (one that I do hope will continue for quite some time yet), the amazing Emily Beatty Lister came and did a photoshoot with Rory and I nearly 7 months ago. I wanted to have something to remember this indescribable bond, and both tender and hilarious moments that Rory and I share when breastfeeding. Still to this day, the way she looks at me when latched; the way she can simultaneously eat and smile; the way she places my hands on her body and face; the way she plays with my fingers and face; the way she squeezes my breast with love, anticipation and fulfillment…all of it stops time for me and reminds me to be fully present with my child. It reminds me what a good job I am doing raising her, and how far we have come. Such powerful and important lessons.



Raising a daughter in a world that sexualizes girls and teaches them from a young age that their value lies in their bodies and appearances is scary, but something I know I can counter by intentionally parenting a fierce, smart, aware little gal. Normalizing breastfeeding and desexualizing breasts is just a part of this process. For me, for Rory, for Steve…for all other mums and daughters and kids and partners. And so, I share .”



Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful insights, Kate.

I’m looking forward to many more photo shoots with you and Miss Rory as she grows.

Want more resources regarding breastfeeding in our community? You can start here.



Beach Cottage Family Portraits in Grand Bend

For years now, Carol Anne has been saying to her children, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have family photos done here at the cottage?” As summer 2015 began to wind down, her youngest daughter (who happens to be dating my brother) organized just such a shoot as a surprise for her mom’s birthday. I put together a pretty gift certificate and all three of Carol Anne’s children and their partners drove to the cottage especially for an afternoon of fun family photography.

(Plus a pizza party.) 

We decided to shoot in the yard at their cottage in Grand Bend, and at the beach just a few minutes walk away. Our theme was simple beach chic with classic neutral outfits so that their portraits will be appropriate to hang on the walls of their homes and the cottage for many years to come. Luckily, the weather was very pleasant for the end of September. As an added bonus, including lots of blacks and whites and stripes in their outfits like they’ve done here means their images will look great in black and white as well as in colour. I brought along one blue vintage suitcase full of props for sitting on, one folding chair and some marquee lights that spell LOVE leftover from our wedding last June, plus my camera bag, of course. That’s all it took for a great shoot!

As I suspected, this family was game for every silly suggestion I flung at them, and we managed to do a family shoot with 8 people plus four mini couples shoots in just over 2 hours. They’ve yet to pick out their favourite shots, but I got all excited by the sand and sky and the smiles and edited up a big teaser gallery right away to get their order started. Here’s a wee sneak peek for you, happy birthday Carol Anne!

P.S. I captured the MOST amazing Ontario sunset on my drive home from this beach shoot. More on that later.

Janolan’s Cozy Canadian Couple’s Portraits in Kitchener-Waterloo

BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!holiday_styled_couple's_shoot_Kitchener-Waterloo

Well here we are, New Year’s Eve, 2014 and the forecast is COLD. Like, -19 celsius. Up until a few hours ago I thought skating and fireworks with Todd and my brothers would make for a good way to end the year. Now that I’m all wrapped up in blankets, blogging, I think I’m going to stay right where I am. There’s something to be said for being cozy. Especially during the holidays. If you can find somebody to snuggle up to, well then you’re doing pretty well in my opinion.

These images, taken a few weeks ago for my little brother, Nolan, and his girlfriend, Janessa, are the perfect inspiration for a night in. Collectively, these two are known as Janolan. This pair are such a good fit for each other, I didn’t even bother trying to pose them for this shoot. Both N and J have this awesome, hilarious but subtle sense of humour that comes through in some of these shots, like the ones with the sparkle donuts. (Pretty, yes, edible, no.)

If you need some ideas on how to have the best stay at home New Year’s Eve celebration ever, look no further! This cozy, rustic glam styled portrait session will give you plenty of inspiration.styled_winter_engagement_shoot_Emily_Beattygold_sparkle_donuts

_EBI3742edit_blog _EBI3122edit_blog _EBI3064edit_blog_Kitchener_engagement_photos_EBI3835edit_blog_gold&red_EBI3158edit_blog_best_Kitchener_photographers_EBI3263edit_web_Canada_styled_shoot_EBI3821edit_blog_Christmas_photos_EBI3173editCROP_blog_EBI3245_web_EBI3089edit_web_EBI3190edit_blog_EBI3770edit_blog_EBI3058edit_blog_EBI3259edit_web_styled_Canadian_winter_shoot_EBI3064editWarmWishes_blog

Thanks to Janessa and Nolan for going along with my portrait plans, and for helping us create our own Grinch themed Christmas card shoot later that night. Have a very safe and happy New Year’s Eve, however you choose to celebrate it. Welcome 2015, cheers!

Christmas Themed Portraits With An Adventurous Family in Kitchener

Kitchener-Waterloo_family_photography_christmasIt’s hard to believe its already been an entire year since this festive holiday themed photo shoot with the Frey Family. I attended the same high school as Nick, and my little sister and her husband remain good friends with him, despite the fact that most of the time Nick and his family make their home in Kinshasa, capital of The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. They live an adventurous life involving Christian ministry and flying planes into remote areas of The Congo to bring Internet Technology to the people there. In 2013, their travels brought them home for the holidays, and they spent several weeks staying with Nick’s sister, Charity and her sweet baby girl, catching up with friends and family.

Jocelyn, Nick’s wife, is herself a photographer, and I was honoured when she mentioned that she’d been wanting to do a shoot with me for some time. We scheduled an indoor/outdoor shoot in between their other holiday visits, and these are some of the most treasured shots that we created together that day.Christmas_photos_Kitchener_EBI2813*_8x10crop_webEmily_Beatty_Christmas_portraitsEmily_Beatty_Waterloo_portraits_holidayChristmas_photographer_KW_EBI2475editconfetti_webEmily_Beatty_Imagery_holiday_portrait_2013damask_red_holiday_portraits_Kitchener Kitchener_family_photographer_Waterloo_EBI2332editsparkle_webbokeh_holiday_portraits_Emily_Beatty_Imagery5x7FreyCard2013_web

Technically, there are six people in these photos! Since these images were created, Jocelyn’s bump has grown into an adorable baby boy, and the family of four is back in Africa while Charity continues to hold down the fort here in Kitchener. To the lovely Frey family, may 2015 bring you many more joyful adventures!

Sneak Peek: Rustic Glam 2014 Holiday Minis in Kitchener

Emily_Beatty_holiday_glamIf I had to sum up the theme for this year’s holiday mini photo shoots in just one word, I’d go with COZY. If I had to elaborate, I’d say we were going for rustic charm with a glamorous edge and a hint of vintage inspiration. The idea for this set began back in the summer when I paid a man in a church yard $25 for a lovely red vintage Canam Flyer sled. He had just personally refinished it by hand. The day before the minis, I raided my sister’s home and discovered yet another beautiful vintage sled, and the red tractor that my father made by hand for his first grandson. Excited to have some new props on hand, I planned the set around them and asked my clients to come wearing neutral and deep red outfits with a bit of sparkle here and there, and they did me proud! Furthermore, we had handmade hats and accessories provided by local business, Kissing Bridge Krafts. In the end, all the elements coalesced into some very festive holiday portraits of some gorgeous families. This is your first peek at this year’s holiday mini portraits, but it won’t be your last. Enjoy!Emily_Beatty_Imagery_Christmas_PhotoKnightFamilyXmas20148x10_proof_EBI3691edit_proofEmily_Beatty_Imagery_3xmas_EBI1705edit_proofEmily_Beatty_holiday_ministwin_photographer_Kitchener_Emily_BeattyCanadian_holiday_style_EBI2061editREDshoes_proofcouples_holiday_photos_KW_EBI1612editSQ_proof