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Steckle Heritage Farm’s Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt

EasterEggHunt2014_EBI5002edit_*WMtitleThis past Friday, two hundred children and their parents participated in Steckle Heritage Farm‘s most successful Easter event yet. Now in its third year, the hunt has steadily grown in popularity. In fact, the Steckle team was prepared for a full house after registrations for the 2014 hunt crashed their website almost immediately after it was announced. Fortunately, thanks to some good planning, everybody was happy and cooperative during the hunt and each participant enjoyed an assortment of treats as well as fun farm activities.

The feedback I heard from parents this year has been overwhelmingly positive. From the hunt to the crafts to petting all kinds of baby animals and the DIY photobooth that I provided for parents to use, the crowd agrees, this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at Steckle Heritage Farm was a great time for all involved. Despite grey skies and a little bit of rain towards the end of the second hunt, everyone that came out left with a basket of sweets and a smile_EBI5200edit_*.


SteckleEggHunt_EBI5016edit_*Thanks to all of the Steckle staff and my fellow volunteers for making this Easter Egg Hunt such a memorable occasion. Happy Easter!!!

Summertime Photography at Steckle Heritage Farm

_EBI7774edit2crop_webAs the official site photographer at Steckle Heritage Farm, I’m lucky to have had many opportunities to explore “your farm in the city” during each season, but summer is undoubtedly my favourite. Whether its strolling through the apple orchard, visiting the animals or picking fresh produce from the gardens, you’re sure to encounter something unique and beautiful each time you visit this Kitchener heritage property.

Steckle also happens to be the new home of Two Crows Growery, a business that specializes in urban farming, restoration agriculture, and providing KW restaurants with fresh, local food. You can read a recent Rare Republic interview with the Two Crows here.

These first months of 2014 have been the most frigid that most of us can remember. Lately, the farm staff have been battling 16 foot snow drifts just to make it to the barn! I think we’ve all just about had it when it comes to shoveling, icy road conditions, and hibernating. Maybe what we need is a reminder of good things to come, like summertime at Steckle. It’s coming. Patience grasshopper.Steckle_Heritage_Farm_photographerSteckle Heritage Farm photographerbaby animals at Steckle Heritage FarmPortraits at Steckle Heritage Farm in KitchenerEmily Beatty nature photographer

twin photos at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm Photographerflowers at Steckle Heritage Farmfamily photos at Steckle Heritage FarmKids Portraits at Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchenersunflowers at Steckle Heritage Farmfamily portraits at Steckle FarmSteckle_Heritage_Farm_PhotographerTwo Crows Growery at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm Maternity PhotosSteckle Heritage Farm PhotographerSteckle Heritage Farm animal photographyflowers at Steckle Farmexplore_Steckle_Heritage_Farmsunset at Steckle Heritage Farm Steckle Heritage Farm Events photography at Steckle FarmSteckle Heritage Farm Events _EBI3632edit_webgarden_Steckle_Heritage_FarmSteckle Heritage Farm Events Steckle_Farm_photographerSteckle Heritage Farm Events rooster at Steckle Heritage Farmsite photographer at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm Events baby_pigs_Steckle_Heritage_Farmflowers at Steckle Heritage FarmTwo Crows at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm sunset

“Wake Up, Santa!” Breakfast at Steckle Heritage Farm


Once again, the staff at Steckle have come up with a totally unique community event. Their “Wake Up, Santa!” breakfast on November 30th was a real treat for both the young and the young at heart. My presence was a last minute thought, but I’m glad I was on hand to capture the atmosphere of joy in the barn that morning.

group photo at Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener

The staff at Steckle Heritage Farm pose for a photo with Santa outside the 180 year old barn.

Families arrived at the farm around 9am, and gathered around the curtained stage where Santa was rumoured to be snoozing. When the curtains were drawn, all the children shouted, “Wake up, Santa!” and the big man himself sat up with a smile! Santa put on his coat and his boots and proceeded to visit with all the breakfast guests while they enjoyed pancakes, sausages, clementines, hot drinks, and other goodies.

Once everybody got a chance to eat, Santa sat down on his special straw throne and invited all the children to meet him one at a time, take a loot bag, and pose for a photo or two. Children also had the opportunity to make a tree ornament and visit with all the animals that live year round at the farm.

There were a TON of smiles in the barn that morning before Santa had to head back to the North Pole. Merry Christmas to all the friends of Steckle!

Santa! in Kitchenersleeping Santa at Steckle Heritage FarmSteckle Heritage Farm_EBI1781edit_WEB_EBI1803edit_WEB_EBI1848editSanta at Steckle Heritage Farm. _EBI1856editSanta in Kitchener_EBI1876edit_EBI2029edit_webSteckle tree. Never too old for Santa. _EBI1770edit_web_EBI4336edit!_web_EBI1887edit_web_EBI1896edit_web_EBI1897edit_web_EBI2164edit_WEB_EBI2121edit_WEB_EBI2196editWEBpullback_EBI2092edit_WEB_EBI1934edit_WEB_EBI2020editHoHo_WEB_EBI4329edit!_webanimals at Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener on Bleams Road._EBI2183edit_webSanta, Kitchener eventSanta and Mrs. ClausWishing you all the best this holiday season, and in 2014 from Emily Beatty Imagery and the entire team at Steckle Heritage Farm.