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Dinosaur Mini Photo Shoots

ebi_6821e_blogdinominisDino Minis! What could be more fun? As a kid, there were exactly 2 types of library books that I would check out: big photographic volumes about whales, and illustrated books about dinosaurs. Apparently huge, mysterious creatures have always fascinated me. Its a love I share with my husband, and its a photographic theme that has been floating around my head for years now. In the spring of 2016, I decided this would be the year, and I set about imagining how I might construct a dinosaur themed mini photo event for my clients.ebi_7112edit_blog

Eventually, I settled on a prehistoric tropical jungle themed dinosaur set, for families that wanted portraits with some extra pizazz. The botanical background is a paper background that I had already hand painted for some wedding clients earlier this year. The handmade green paper succulents had also been a part of the wedding wall, but this set needed something brand new to bring it to life. Inspiration struck when I saw a window display with large paper leaves on a most excellent crafting blog  called Sew Yeah. The night before the first photo shoot, my devoted husband and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning cutting and shaping all of these green, orange, yellow and purple leaves that you see in the photos.ebi_7700e_blog

Quite the last minute plan,  but I actually love the way all the paper components came together once I had them taped and tied in place. I added a rustic fall muslin backdrop for the “dirt” with pillows underneath to make “rocks” and added a few plants from our deck to fill out the lower portion of our jungle set. We had lots of toy dinos and unique props to keep the kids entertained during their photos, and there was no shortage of smiles as the kids explored our set and the dinos inhabiting it. It worked out that half of our participants were turning either 1 or 2, and these sessions gave their families a unique way to document their child’s milestone without doing the typical balloons and birthday cake smash type of photo session. I’m so glad I just went for it and forged ahead with a very random mini theme. How unique and fun are these images?!?  ebi_6946edit_blogebi_7714e_blog  ebi_7177edit_blog ebi_7243edit_blogebi_7491editcropsq_blog ebi_7335edit_blogebi_7713e_blogebi_6937edit_blogebi_6821e_blog ebi_7382editsquare_blogebi_7210edit_blog ebi_7626e_blog  ebi_7417edit_blogebi_7141editcrop_blog

Thank you so much to the families that came out to help me realize my dino dreams with these mini photo sessions. Extra special thanks to Theodore for lending us some of his very most favourite toys for these photos, and to Melissa for her excellent assisting work and her sweet puppeteering skills. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Until next time… roar! ebi_7354e_blog

Curious to know more? Visit the Facebook Event page for Dino Minis here.

Emily & Patrick’s Green Wedding Reception at Victoria Park Pavilion

One hot July day in 2016, two souls were joined in marriage as a plethora of guests from all corners of the globe looked on. After Emily and Patrick’s heartfelt church ceremony, their friends, family, and small wedding party headed for Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener where a massive celebration would soon be underway. After the nuptials, the sky opened up for a terrific thunderstorm, but luckily by that point the party had been safely relocated to the Pavilion and dinner was underway.EBI_1364Em&Pat_*

With many of the groom’s Irish family in attendance, a very green theme made perfect sense for Emily and Pat’s wedding reception. There was plenty of good food and drink on hand as guests took in all the thoughtful little touches that reflected both Emily and Patrick and their mutual loves. From shamrock sugar cookies to family heirlooms and wee bunny rabbit decorations in honour of their pet, Simon, there were plenty of unique things to behold at this wedding.

Then there was the photo wall! After plenty of discussions over the past year, Emily and I agreed that I would attend their reception and photograph some key details of speeches and decor, but my main job would be to create a totally unique customized photo wall that would contribute to their green, green and more green theme. In the end I painted an abstract botanical pattern for the main backdrop, and accented it with handmade giant paper succulents. By setting up a freestanding photo wall on the stage at the Victoria Park Pavilion the day before, I was able to simply walk on set and start photographing the guests the evening of the wedding. As an added bonus for the happy couple, the custom photo backdrop provided extra ambiance to the venue throughout their whole reception.

As usual, the guests took to the photo wall like ducks to water and before long I found myself sorting through hundreds of hilarious group shots. Here are a bunch of my favourites. Emily and Patrick, I hope that as the years stretch on you and all of your friends and family get a real kick out of reliving your fantastic wedding celebration through these images.



EBI_3496_*EBI_3802_* EBI_3589_* EBI_3920_*EBI_3555_*EBI_4302_*EBI_4100_* EBI_4030_*EBI_3611_*EBI_3733_*EBI_4126_* EBI_4068_*EBI_4125_*EBI_4137_*EBI_4055_*EBI_3922SQ_* EBI_3595_* EBI_3547_* EBI_3625BW_* EBI_3658_* EBI_3662BW_*EBI_3896_*EBI_3785_* EBI_3710_* EBI_3715_*EBI_3682_*  EBI_3745_* EBI_3765_* EBI_3773BW_* EBI_3774_*  EBI_3795_* EBI_3798_*  EBI_3818_* EBI_3847_* EBI_3851_* EBI_3862_*  EBI_3899_* EBI_3906_*     EBI_3934_* EBI_3936_*   EBI_3949BW_* EBI_3960sq_* EBI_3961_* EBI_3978sq_* EBI_4003_*  EBI_4029_*     EBI_4061_*  EBI_4074_*  EBI_4086_* EBI_4098_*  EBI_4112BW_*   EBI_4128_*   EBI_4162_* EBI_4174_* EBI_4177_* EBI_4190_* EBI_4208_* EBI_4221_* EBI_4321_* EBI_4333_*  EBI_4356_* EBI_4367sqBW_*


Congratulations E & P, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and a most excellent life together!!!

xo Emily

Alli’s All That Glitters 30th Birthday Bash & Photo Wall

Alli is somebody that I shared plenty of lunch hours with back when we were both high school students at E.D.S.S. 15 years ago. Over the past year or two, we’ve had the opportunity to reconnect over several different creative projects. As it turns out, we have a lot in common when it comes to style. I was thrilled back in August when she enlisted me to create a custom photo wall for her 30th birthday party at Beertown in Waterloo Town Square. We agreed that pink, white, and gold glitter would be our theme and right away I starting imagining how I might be able to create a super sparkly backdrop for Alli’s party pics.

30th_EBI_4400HBA__blog We experienced the first big snow of the season on the November night of the party, and it certainly contributed a lovely atmosphere to the event. Big fat flakes spiraled lazily from the sky and more than once I caught party goers outside crafting snowballs and then pelting their friends. The birthday girl loves wintertime and so it didn’t take too much to convince a few guests to step outside with her for some seasonal snaps.EBI_4460Alli30teaser__blog

I’m so glad I got this opportunity to re-use some of the handmade paper flowers from my wedding, and to make Alli a statement wall that really dazzled. Alli’s guests were treated to fabulous food, cake and cupcakes, party favours, plenty of drinks, a customized playlist, and even handmade photo props designed to accentuate our custom wall. The result was a night to remember… although now that I think about it, I suspect that not everybody survived the night with their memory perfectly intact. Good thing we ended up with all these fun party pics so that everyone can relive that festivities again and again.

Alli, may your 30th year be your best one yet.


30th_EBI_4395__blog30th_EBI_4667__blog 30th_EBI_4609__blog 30th_EBI_4783__blog30th_EBI_4895__blog30th_EBI_4732__blog30th_EBI_4679__blog 30th_EBI_4441__blog 30th_EBI_4462__blog 30th_EBI_4467__blog 30th_EBI_4508__blog 30th_EBI_4602glitters__blog30th_EBI_4531__blog30th_EBI_4664__blog30th_EBI_4892__blog30th_EBI_4686__blog30th_EBI_4486__blog30th_EBI_4867__blog30th_EBI_4602__blog 30th_EBI_4555CROP__blog 30th_EBI_4585__blog 30th_EBI_4842__blog30th_EBI_4643__blog30th_EBI_4406__blog30th_EBI_4837__blog 30th_EBI_4826__blog 30th_EBI_4531__blog30th_EBI_4851__blog30th_EBI_4450__blog30th_EBI_4740__blog30th_EBI_4390__blog30th_EBI_4632__blog



Beach Cottage Family Portraits in Grand Bend

For years now, Carol Anne has been saying to her children, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have family photos done here at the cottage?” As summer 2015 began to wind down, her youngest daughter (who happens to be dating my brother) organized just such a shoot as a surprise for her mom’s birthday. I put together a pretty gift certificate and all three of Carol Anne’s children and their partners drove to the cottage especially for an afternoon of fun family photography.

(Plus a pizza party.) 

We decided to shoot in the yard at their cottage in Grand Bend, and at the beach just a few minutes walk away. Our theme was simple beach chic with classic neutral outfits so that their portraits will be appropriate to hang on the walls of their homes and the cottage for many years to come. Luckily, the weather was very pleasant for the end of September. As an added bonus, including lots of blacks and whites and stripes in their outfits like they’ve done here means their images will look great in black and white as well as in colour. I brought along one blue vintage suitcase full of props for sitting on, one folding chair and some marquee lights that spell LOVE leftover from our wedding last June, plus my camera bag, of course. That’s all it took for a great shoot!

As I suspected, this family was game for every silly suggestion I flung at them, and we managed to do a family shoot with 8 people plus four mini couples shoots in just over 2 hours. They’ve yet to pick out their favourite shots, but I got all excited by the sand and sky and the smiles and edited up a big teaser gallery right away to get their order started. Here’s a wee sneak peek for you, happy birthday Carol Anne!

P.S. I captured the MOST amazing Ontario sunset on my drive home from this beach shoot. More on that later.

Sneak Peek: Rustic Glam 2014 Holiday Minis in Kitchener

Emily_Beatty_holiday_glamIf I had to sum up the theme for this year’s holiday mini photo shoots in just one word, I’d go with COZY. If I had to elaborate, I’d say we were going for rustic charm with a glamorous edge and a hint of vintage inspiration. The idea for this set began back in the summer when I paid a man in a church yard $25 for a lovely red vintage Canam Flyer sled. He had just personally refinished it by hand. The day before the minis, I raided my sister’s home and discovered yet another beautiful vintage sled, and the red tractor that my father made by hand for his first grandson. Excited to have some new props on hand, I planned the set around them and asked my clients to come wearing neutral and deep red outfits with a bit of sparkle here and there, and they did me proud! Furthermore, we had handmade hats and accessories provided by local business, Kissing Bridge Krafts. In the end, all the elements coalesced into some very festive holiday portraits of some gorgeous families. This is your first peek at this year’s holiday mini portraits, but it won’t be your last. Enjoy!Emily_Beatty_Imagery_Christmas_PhotoKnightFamilyXmas20148x10_proof_EBI3691edit_proofEmily_Beatty_Imagery_3xmas_EBI1705edit_proofEmily_Beatty_holiday_ministwin_photographer_Kitchener_Emily_BeattyCanadian_holiday_style_EBI2061editREDshoes_proofcouples_holiday_photos_KW_EBI1612editSQ_proof



Spooky Styled Halloween Minis

KnightCard2014Witch_**Its no secret that Halloween is my favourite holiday. I’ve always loved the anything goes atmosphere and especially the dress up opportunities that come along with October 31st. Since becoming a grownup, putting together the set for Halloween minis has become my new favourite annual tradition. I always spend way to much time and money collecting new orange, green, black, white, and purple items to decorate with. Next I spend a small fortune on Bulk Barn candy, and finally I visit Nauman’s Farm in St. Clements to select picture perfect pumpkins to dress the set.

Minis are great because they give me an opportunity to fully celebrate Halloween for an extra day, while playing dress up with my favourite little clients. We don’t get any trick or treaters in my neighbourhood, so this is my excuse to get in on the cuteness even though I don’t have any kids of my own yet.

This fall I had 11 cuties from 3 weeks to 14 years old come out for a short and sweet mini photo session. It was a noisy, sticky, laughter-filled, joyful kind of day. I felt especially lucky to be visited by several brand new babies that I’ve been waiting an awful long time to meet. These are just a few of my favourite images from our spooky styled shoots. Enjoy!*_EBI8338edit_web _EBI7551edit_web _EBI8086_webhalloween_pattern_4*_EBI8436edit_web _EBI7995edit_** _EBI8306edit_web _EBI8146edit_web*_EBI8355edit_web

_EBI8555edit_web _EBI8038edit_**_EBI7967edit_**halloween_pattern_4_EBI7705editGRACE2_webThis shoot marked my first collaboration with Shawna of Kissing Bridge Krafts. She provided most of the cute knitted hats and handmade headbands that appeared in these images. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to embellish our holiday mini portraits. Thanks Shawna!

Family Photobombing in Oliphant

And the prize for most photobombs in one session goes to…sauble_beach_family_portraits

The family I’m going to marry into! Meet the Listers. I took these photos of my future husband’s family on Labour Day weekend, 2013 but it took me until 2014 to notice that the Listers have 8 separate instances of spontaneous photobombing occuring throughout the course of this shoot.

By the way, the verb “photobomb” is defined by as “to drop in a photo  unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken.”

Normally, over the course of a family portrait session I’ll end up with 10-20 pretty funny outtakes- and maybe a photobomb or two. Clients frequently receive a few of these as bonus files with their order. Its often those unexpected, silly moments that reveal my subject’s most genuine personalities. These photobombs are no exception. You can probably tell more about the fam from the following 8 shots than you can from the other 80 “nice” portraits that I edited from our session.

Without further ado, here are the unintentional magic moments I captured back in September.  family photos in Bruce Peninsula

_EBI7086edit_webSauble PhotographerBruce Peninsula Family PhotosSauble_family_photographer_EBI7373edit_web_EBI7288edit_webSauble_beach_portrait

Time Flies!

Dearest Reader,

Holiday theme photo shoot. Glitter and balloons.

How is it that the holiday season is already upon us? I feel like I’ve barely had time to blink since Labour Day, and I’m afraid my poor blog has suffered in the meantime. I’ve got a hundred posts constructed in my head, but I’ve been too busy to focus on my online presence other than daily Facebook posts, and the odd Pinterest or Instagram binge. This is good news in many ways, because it means I’ve been occupied with paying customers and volunteer work nearly every day from the beginning of fall right up until December.

Christmas Card by Emily BeattyI can’t thank you all enough for supporting me through your kind words, referrals, returning business, and participating in social media this year. 2013 has been the most challenging year of my life, but I’m just so pleased to be earning a living by being creative and doing what I love. Really, thank you.

Twin portrait for holidays.Here’s just a wee tiny sneak peek of the holiday images I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. To be honest, I can’t wait for the annual slow season for the photography industry. After Christmas is over, I’ll have time to blog about all the family portrait sessions, weddings, personal projects, sunsets, star photos, light painting experiments, DIY tutorials, and all kinds of other stuff that’s been preventing me from sleeping for the past 4 months. For now, please enjoy this snapshot of my bunny baby; Rorschacht.

Bunny holiday portrait. Sparkle Christmas picture. Please come back soon to see all the latest EBI adventures documented right here on my blog. Happy holidays! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Cheers!




Elyse & Jessie’s Engagement Photo Sneak Peek


Elyse is an old friend with a new fiancee. I was thrilled when she and Jessie asked me to collaborate on some one of a kind engagement photos to mark the occasion. Since their wedding date is nearly two years off, we thought it was a good idea to document this romantic stage in their lives with some slightly styled portraits. We set up a picnic for them in a secluded area, and the rest is history.

I took all kinds of adorable snaps of Jessie and Elyse yesterday–then I got all excited and stayed up all night sorting and editing this preview. Congratulations ladies, I couldn’t be happier for you!

Aren’t these two super cute together? Show J & E some love in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Cheers!emily-beatty-imagery9714edit_webemily-beatty-imagery9399edit!_webemily-beatty-imagery9541edit_web emily-beatty-imagery9513edit_web emily-beatty-imagery9683editSQ_web emily-beatty-imagery9345edit_web_EBI9650edit_webCan’t wait for our follow up shoot this Thursday in a very unique vintage trailer. Stay tuned!