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Best of 2013 Valentine’s Sweetie Portraits

Babies and Candies and Cupcakes, Oh My!

I recall telling my friend Jared that I wanted to do something “disgustingly cute” leading up to Valentine’s Day last year. I envisioned a set that would be so adorable that even if the babies weren’t in the mood for a photo shoot, we’d still end up with super cute images. (And cupcakes.) It turned out to be a good strategy, as only about half of these little ones were feeling cooperative that day.twin Valentine photo

The 2013 shoot also gave me the incentive to learn how to make French macarons, a difficult recipe that I am proud to have (almost) mastered in the past year. Want to try your own macarons? Here’s an excellent tutorial.

Did I succeed? Are these disgustingly cute? I need your feedback! Which elements do you want to see again this year? What can I change or add to make it better? Round two of Valentine’s Sweetie Shoots are coming up fast, so please give me some feedback in the comments below! kids_portraitsValentine's mini photo sessionValentine_Photos_KW_EmilyBeattytwin photographer

flower face twin Valentine's DayRock Star Valentinetwin_photography_Waterloobaby_photographer_Emily_Beattytwins_feetwrapped up in a blanketFrench Macarons Kitchener PhotographyLucyCohenValentineFront_webBatman kids photosstyled children's shoot in Kitchenertea party photo shootfun_family_photographyfamily_photographer_Kitchener_WaterlooKitchener Styled Kids Photographytwins Valentine's DayI’m very excited to be welcoming several of these sweeties back again for 2014 styled shoots on February 1st and 2nd, so stay tuned for more cuteness in the coming weeks!

Sending you warm fuzzies during this record setting cold spell. Go snuggle somebody you love!

Family Photobombing in Oliphant

And the prize for most photobombs in one session goes to…sauble_beach_family_portraits

The family I’m going to marry into! Meet the Listers. I took these photos of my future husband’s family on Labour Day weekend, 2013 but it took me until 2014 to notice that the Listers have 8 separate instances of spontaneous photobombing occuring throughout the course of this shoot.

By the way, the verb “photobomb” is defined by as “to drop in a photo  unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken.”

Normally, over the course of a family portrait session I’ll end up with 10-20 pretty funny outtakes- and maybe a photobomb or two. Clients frequently receive a few of these as bonus files with their order. Its often those unexpected, silly moments that reveal my subject’s most genuine personalities. These photobombs are no exception. You can probably tell more about the fam from the following 8 shots than you can from the other 80 “nice” portraits that I edited from our session.

Without further ado, here are the unintentional magic moments I captured back in September.  family photos in Bruce Peninsula

_EBI7086edit_webSauble PhotographerBruce Peninsula Family PhotosSauble_family_photographer_EBI7373edit_web_EBI7288edit_webSauble_beach_portrait

Kitchener Waterloo Portrait Photography Prices



Back in March, I did something called the “Lucky Birthday Sale”. I was able to meet and photograph nearly 20 new families in a short period of time, and using their feedback, I’m currently developing my new portrait packages. (Don’t worry, prices aren’t going up!) Need a quote right now? Sure! Just e-mail, let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll write back with a custom quote, usually within 48 hours.

Looking for information on wedding photography? I accept contracts for just a handful of special weddings each year so that I can pour my heart and soul into each one. Download this e-zine with all the details about EBI wedding photography or visit the website pricing page for more downloadable price sheets and details about the collections I offer.

Looking for more sample portraits before proceeding? Visit the portrait galleries on my website.

Want to talk to a real human before you invest in custom photo art? Call 519 568 9819 to make an inquiry or to book a date for your photo session. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those pushy sales people that will try to give you some long winded sales pitch over the phone, but I will happily answer any questions you may have, make suggestions for your shoot, or give you an on the spot estimate for a shoot.EBI confetti themeweb


You can also e-mail with your inquiry, or just to say hi. It’s pretty common to e-mail back and forth a few times before actually booking a shoot. With all the other options out there these days, I completely understand if you want to shop around and check out other photographers before committing to a session date. Not everybody enjoys my bold  portrait style- but if you have been hunting for unique and eye catching photography and you’re drawn to bright colours like a bee is drawn to honey, than this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Clients with unusual tastes, and alternative lifestyles welcome!EBIgiftCERTadTHINGYweb***


Want to see more samples before committing to a shoot? Click here to visit sample galleries.

If you’re ready to book a session, e-mail or call 519 568 9819 to set up a photo shoot at my home studio or another location of your choice. 


Winter Graffiti Art Photography in Kitchener

portrait photographer Emily Beatty“We are currently under a blizzard warning.” said the man on the radio as I gathered my gear. Perfect. I’ve been visiting the same hidden graffiti wall near the train tracks in Kitchener for over 5 years now, but this was the first time I’d ventured out in an actual blizzard. I figured it would add some interesting texture and sense of atmosphere to my photos. I didn’t imagine I’d have to bust my way through a snow bank nearly as tall as myself to access the hidden wall.

I think it was worth the effort, because once I’ve got a particular photographic scene in my head, I can’t rest until I see it it physically emerging from my printer. Translating an image from a dream to a reality is an incredibly rewarding way to make a living, and trudging through knee high snow drifts with five bags of equipment and props in -40 degree weather on a hunt for the perfect setting for my surreal clothesline image reminded me of what it was like to be a college student, just excited to be out the world with a camera.KW graffiti photographyOver the recent holiday season, Todd gave me 5 pairs of alarmingly bright two tone knee socks– because as I’m fond of saying, “I love a good gradient.” I so admired the socks that I envisioned a scene where they hung on a line in front of some fresh and colourful graffiti before they went through the wash a bunch of times and started to lose their vibrance. I hadn’t visited my usual wall for a few months, and expected some new artwork. Surprisingly, there was just one new piece since my last visit, so it was the one I chose to highlight with my crazy bright clothesline.

Emily Beatty

The wall in March of 2013, about 10 months before the clothesline shots.


fun photographer in Kitchener

Jo Gnome, AKA F that S returns to his old stomping grounds for this photo series.

Chris Austin graffiti photos by Emily Beatty.

One more 2013 shot, featuring a super sweet shark by Chris Austin.

Kitchener graffiti

Taken using a special Lensbaby lens called The Composer.

_EBI3614editgraffiti photo Emily Beatty_EBI3700editgraffiti photography Kitchener_EBI3621edit72dpiIn addition to wanting to document my socks, I also wanted at least one good shot of my newly blue hair. In 2013 when my stylist and I spent 13 hours creating “peacock hair” using bleach, 5 shades of hair colour and about 25 foils, we only ever took one photo of the end result. (Which was pretty spectacular, I have to say.) While the blue took a mere 6 hours to create, I still figured it deserved at least one decent shot for the record books. Consequently, this was the first time I took a tripod to the wall with the intention of creating a self portrait. I took about 5 snaps, then gave up because I was beginning to worry that my fingers were literally freezing, and maybe I should have paid more attention to that weather dude that told me to stay indoors. self portrait by Emily Beatty

In my experience, the images I create for my own satisfaction are the ones that people respond to with the most enthusiasm when viewing my portfolio. This is why it is so vitally important for photographers that consider themselves artists to continuously pursue personal work and creative projects, just for the fun of it. Its easy to fall out of love with photography once it becomes your day to day reality and a means to an end.

My business philosophy involves the mantra, “do something you love long enough, and eventually someone will pay you to do it.” Here’s hoping! These photos may not make it onto anybody’s wall. They probably won’t inspire a bride to hire me for a wedding, or convince a new mother to choose me to document her brand new bundle of joy. Its unlikely that I’ll ever make any money off of them, and yet they are deeply satisfying to me. I’m using my camera to follow my heart… and so far it’s been a colourful quest!

If you enjoyed this post, kindly like it, share it, or leave a comment below. It is always much appreciated when you help me share my work, and bring new visitors to this blog. Have a most excellent day!

2013 KW Polar Plunge Fundraiser for KidsAbility

_EBI3995e_webIt always starts the same way, with the filling of an over sized kiddie pool. As the water line rises, more and more curious onlookers gather around and Polar Plunge participants begin to populate the lineup at the registration table. Eventually, the brave souls that sign up take turns throwing themselves into a frigid pool of water while the crowd cheers them on to raise money for the people and programs at KidsAbility. Aside from the fundraising aspect and the various sponsors and entertainers, the best thing about the Polar Plunge is that it is a remarkably good spectator sport. There’s nothing like seeing a half naked, half-man, half-horse, cannonball into icey water to make you appreciate a hot cup of coffee and warm place to go home to.KW Polar Plunge PictureI volunteered my time to document the second year of this new KW community event in 2013, and I’m happy to be returning to the Polar Plunge as the official event photographer again in 2014. I’m not the sort of person who enjoys being out in the cold, but hanging out with a crowd of soaking wet, half costumed people really made me appreciate the fact that I was wearing a camera and a coat as opposed to something spandex. Thanks to the event sponsors and the terrific team of volunteers that made the 2013 Plunge such a success.

_EBI4005e_web2013 KW Polar Plunge_EBI4002e_web_EBI4034edit_web_EBI4036e_web

water temperature

Testing the waters. Testing the waters.


Some inspiring words from the people at KidsAbility.

Some inspiring words from the people at KidsAbility.


The Accabellas perform for the crowd before the Plunge begins.

The Accabellas perform for the crowd before the Plunge begins.


Time to get the party started!

Time to get the party started!_EBI4282e_web


Warming up in the Hogg Hot House.

Warming up in the Hogg Hot House.


Event organizer Kierra Reid and Bre of Bre Creative.

Event organizer Kierra Reid and Bre of Bre Creative.


Yay for volunteers!

Yay for volunteers!

See you Saturday, January 25th for the third annual KW Polar Plunge!


Yoga To Beat Cancer Event Photography in Victoria Park Pavilion

_EBI9314edittitlepageFriday November 22nd, 2013 was the night of the first ever Yoga to Beat Cancer fundraising event hosted by the Canadian Cancer society in Kitchener’s Victoria Park Pavilion. Close to 150 participants registered and collected donations from sponsors to draw strength and support from each other as a group and raise over $8000 for cancer research.

Queen St. Yoga instructors were on hand to lead fundraisers in a 2 hour yoga practice that was regularly punctuated by feverish dance party breaks. The DJs at the event had a great selection of current dance hits and the crowd was definitely feeling the music, twisting, leaping, and even doing a Conga line at one point. Unsure of exactly what to expect, the yogis were delighted by the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the glow in the dark dance party.

I would photograph the next Yoga to Beat Cancer event in a heartbeat! Even though I was stressing about how busy I was on the way over to the Pavilion, by the time I left the event I was in a far more relaxed and positive frame of mind.

As far as I’m concerned, this was a flawless first time event thanks to the amazing team at the Canadian Cancer Society and their trusty squad of community volunteers.

Thanks for a phantasmagoric evening!

_EBI8915edit_web_EBI8923edit_webyoga_Kitchener_cancer_EBI9077edit_web_EBI8870edit_webYoga To Beat Cancer_EBI9072edit_web_EBI9018edit_webYoga to Beat Cancer photos by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013. Yoga To Beat Cancer 2013_EBI8942edit_web_EBI9308edit_webyoga_Kitchener_event_photographer_EBI9177edit_webYoga to Beat Cancer photos by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013. _EBI9000edit*art_web_EBI8908edit_webYoga_to_beat_cancer_2013_EBI9191edit_webyoga_Kitchener_EBI8996editcrop_web_EBI9262edit_web_EBI9218edit_web_EBI9238edit_web_EBI9186edit_web_EBI9170edit*_webyoga_to_beat_cancer_EBI8998edit*_web_EBI9122edit_web_EBI9222edit_web_EBI9195edit*_web_EBI9221edit_web_EBI9106edit_webyoga_to_beat_cancer_conga_line_EBI9058edit_web_EBI9143edit_web_EBI9213edit*_web_EBI9249edit_web_EBI9009edit_web_EBI8996edit_web_EBI9251edit_web_EBI9105edit_web_EBI9128edit_web_EBI9051edit_web_EBI8994edit_web_EBI9226edit_web_EBI9224edit_web_EBI9152edit_web_EBI9001edit*_web_EBI9266edit_web_EBI9314edit_web_EBI9312edit_web_EBI9033edit_web

Top Shots of 2013 by Emily Beatty Imagery

A Lot of Reasons To SmileYellow Pearl body painting by Alannah Mason and photography by Emily Beatty.

Well one thing is for certain; 2013 was a diverse and colourful year for me. I’m a little sleep deprived, but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. I think you’ll agree that the trends that emerge throughout these images are that I unabashedly adore colour, telling a story with my camera, and making photo sessions fun for people- especially little ones.

I was also fortunate to work with a number of other artists, and explore which areas of photography truly speak to my heart. Volunteering my photography skills to the Cambridge YWCA, The KW Polar Plunge, all the events at Steckle Heritage Farm, the Cambridge Relay for Life, Yoga to Beat Cancer, and the Creative Change program run by the Cambridge YWCA Girls’ Center were all terrific experiences that introduced me to new clients and new friends. You can now regularly find my art work for sale at The People’s Gallery in Uptown Waterloo, and on the walls at PUBLIC, the new restaurant run by my buddies at Mama Papa catering.  I got to know textile artist Sue Sturdy as I documented her community art exhibit, Colourful Roots, and Cheryl-Anne Webster, creator of the Beautiful Women Project, and collaborated with body painter Alannah Mason to create an exotic yellow portrait series. I also started a new annual community art show at Steckle Heritage Farm called ART BARN.

I’ve learned a million things in the past 12 months, and I can’t wait to implement them to bring you new and exciting photography experiences in the new year. I owe almost all of my success to word of mouth, and the wonderful marketing efforts of my friends, family, and loyal client base. To every one of you, a million times, THANK YOU! This is the best job ever. I hope I’ve brought you at least a handful of smiles this year. May 2014 bring you many, many more.

Baby piggies at Steckle Heritage Farm by Emily Beatty.graffiti in Kitchener with lollipops_EBI9350bigEDIT!_webFamily photography in Kitchener by Emily Beatty. Baby photo by Emily BeattyYoga To Beat Cancer photos by Emily Beatty Imagery.Valentine's photos in Kitchener by Emily Beatty.Wiarton Fair by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013.peacock hair, 2013, Emily Beattyawesome birthday cakeKid's portriat photographer in Cambridge, Ontario. Emily Beatty.

Valentine's portraits by Emily Beatty, 2013.

Sue Sturdy and the Secret Garden textile project at PAMA. 2013. Photo by Emily Beatty

Textile artist Sue Sturdy asked me to document her PAMA exhibit, The Secret Garden.Cake smash photography in Guelph, Cambridge, KW by Emily Beatty.

Baby girl turns one. trailer engagement photos by Emily BeattyPortrait photographer. Cake smash photography in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph area. Twin photography by Emily Beatty.Newborn photography in Kitchener, by Emily Beatty Imagery. Family portraits Sauble Beach Emily BeattyAnimal portraits by Emily Beatty in Southern Ontario.Self portrait by Emily Beatty. Roller skate and graffiti photo by Emily Beatty. Twins with a camera, creative portrait by Emily Beatty.Engagement photos by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013. Kitchener, Ontario photography. POMBA and Multiple Births Canada photography by Emily Beatty.Maternity photography in Kitchener at Steckle Heritage Farm. Animal photography by Emily Beatty. Baby photography in St. Clements by Emily Beatty Imagery. Oliphant Lighthouse by Emily Beatty, 2013.Family Photos at Steckle Heritage Farm.Valentine's mini photos by Emily Beatty, 2013. Kitchener graffiti by Emily Beatty. Family portraits by Emily Beatty Imagery of Kitchener Ontario. Taken in Oliphant, 2013. Gender reveal photo shoot in Cambridge by Emily Beatty. Summer photos by Emily Beatty. Kid's portraits in Kitchener-Waterloo by Emily Beatty Imagery.celebrate! partyYoga to Beat Cancer by Emily Beatty. Twins at Steckle Heritage Farm. Cake smash Kitchener photographer. Baby photo with garden vegetables. _EBI0919-sneakpeek-editcropWEB_web496_3510editFACBOOKheader_webPet photography in Kitchener by Emily Beatty Imagery. English bulldog. Emily Beatty Imagery_EBI2363edit_webFireworks photo by Emily Beatty. Engagement photography by Emily Beatty Imagery. Couple's portrait, summer 2013. Wedding blue shoes. Peacock feather accessories. Emily Beatty Maternight photos by Emily Beatty. Confetti portriat by Emily Beatty. _EBI0760easterEM_webLemonade stand for first birthday portraits in Elmira, Ontario by Emily Beatty Imagery.EMily Beatty First birthday portraits by Emily Beatty Imagery.Algonquin Park, 2013 by Emily Beatty, photographer. animal portraits by Emily Beatty Imagery in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph area.Sunset in Algonquin Park photography by Emily Beatty Imagery 2013.Baby portraits by Emily Beatty._EBI2523edit!_webArt by Emily Beatty Imagery 2013Lifestyle photography in Kitchener at Steckle Heritage Farm by house photographer, Emily Beatty.Light painting by Emily Beatty Imagery, summer 2013. 2013 portraits by Emily Beatty_EBI9019editcrop_webLemonade stand photography in Kitchener Waterloo by Emily Beatty.I am Beautiful photo by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013.grandmother portrait by Emily BeattyFamily Photography by Emily Beatty.Rory Rabbit of Emily Beatty Imagery. Pet portraits in Kitchener, Ontario.

Relay For Life, Cambridge, 2013.

Relay For Life, Cambridge, 2013.

_EBI5057_webEmily Beatty Imagery Cake Face 2013. Family portraits in Kitchener by Emily Beatty.Art shark bear by Chris Austin, photo by Emily Beatty, Kitchener, Ontario, 2013.Caterpillar photo by Emily Beatty. 2013.Family portrait in Oliphant by Emily Beatty.The stars, August in Oliphant, Ontario, photography by Emily Beatty.Sunset in Oliphant, Ontario by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013.Maternity photography Emily Beattysummer photos by Emily BeattyMother's Day photos by Emily Beatty.forsythia by Emily Beatty. Yellow.

EMily Beatty Imagery

Relay For Life Cambridge, to support the Canadian Cancer Society

Snake pet photography by Emily Beatty, 2013.Graffiti by Chris Austin, photography by Emily Beatty, 2013._EBI1916edit_webcouple's photos at Sauble Beach by Emily BeattyEmily Beatty Imagery camera. _EBI4329edit!_webtwin sisters Valentine's Dayfamily photography in Elmirafamily portraits by Emily BeattyHalloween photos by Emily Beatty Kitchener portrait photographer.Fire Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013Foxgloves in Algonquin Park photo by Emily Beatty Imagery, 2013.Halloween portraits by Kitchener photographer Emily Beatty. _EBI8595EDITED!!!_webLight painting 2013 Emily BeattySteckle Heritage Farm Family photography by Emily Beatty Imagery.

The Beautiful Women Project by Cheryl-Ann Webster.

The Beautiful Women Project by Cheryl-Ann Webster.

Kid's portrait photographer Emily Beatty. engagement photography by Emily BeattyTwins turn 2 portraits by Emily Beatty Imagery._EBI2306edit!_webHoliday theme photo shoot. Glitter and balloons.Emily Beatty Imagery graffiti. Trish photography by Emily Beatty. couple's portrait by Emily BeattyFamily photography by Emily Beatty Imagery. Kitchener family photographer. Family portrait photography in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph area. Fashion photography in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph with Emily Beatty.Festive family photos 2013 by Emily Beatty_EBI9143edit_webKitchener graffiti by Emily Beatty.Twin portrait for holidays._EBI0075edit_webFun photographer in Kitchener-Waterloo_EBI7035editWallpaperWed2013Emily7x5CardInside*_webEmily Beatty2013Emily7x5CardInside***_webEmily Beatty Imagery portraits 2013.All the best to you and yours in 2014. Happy New Year from Emily Beatty Imagery!