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Alli’s All That Glitters 30th Birthday Bash & Photo Wall

Alli is somebody that I shared plenty of lunch hours with back when we were both high school students at E.D.S.S. 15 years ago. Over the past year or two, we’ve had the opportunity to reconnect over several different creative projects. As it turns out, we have a lot in common when it comes to style. I was thrilled back in August when she enlisted me to create a custom photo wall for her 30th birthday party at Beertown in Waterloo Town Square. We agreed that pink, white, and gold glitter would be our theme and right away I starting imagining how I might be able to create a super sparkly backdrop for Alli’s party pics.

30th_EBI_4400HBA__blog We experienced the first big snow of the season on the November night of the party, and it certainly contributed a lovely atmosphere to the event. Big fat flakes spiraled lazily from the sky and more than once I caught party goers outside crafting snowballs and then pelting their friends. The birthday girl loves wintertime and so it didn’t take too much to convince a few guests to step outside with her for some seasonal snaps.EBI_4460Alli30teaser__blog

I’m so glad I got this opportunity to re-use some of the handmade paper flowers from my wedding, and to make Alli a statement wall that really dazzled. Alli’s guests were treated to fabulous food, cake and cupcakes, party favours, plenty of drinks, a customized playlist, and even handmade photo props designed to accentuate our custom wall. The result was a night to remember… although now that I think about it, I suspect that not everybody survived the night with their memory perfectly intact. Good thing we ended up with all these fun party pics so that everyone can relive that festivities again and again.

Alli, may your 30th year be your best one yet.


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Time Flies!

Dearest Reader,

Holiday theme photo shoot. Glitter and balloons.

How is it that the holiday season is already upon us? I feel like I’ve barely had time to blink since Labour Day, and I’m afraid my poor blog has suffered in the meantime. I’ve got a hundred posts constructed in my head, but I’ve been too busy to focus on my online presence other than daily Facebook posts, and the odd Pinterest or Instagram binge. This is good news in many ways, because it means I’ve been occupied with paying customers and volunteer work nearly every day from the beginning of fall right up until December.

Christmas Card by Emily BeattyI can’t thank you all enough for supporting me through your kind words, referrals, returning business, and participating in social media this year. 2013 has been the most challenging year of my life, but I’m just so pleased to be earning a living by being creative and doing what I love. Really, thank you.

Twin portrait for holidays.Here’s just a wee tiny sneak peek of the holiday images I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. To be honest, I can’t wait for the annual slow season for the photography industry. After Christmas is over, I’ll have time to blog about all the family portrait sessions, weddings, personal projects, sunsets, star photos, light painting experiments, DIY tutorials, and all kinds of other stuff that’s been preventing me from sleeping for the past 4 months. For now, please enjoy this snapshot of my bunny baby; Rorschacht.

Bunny holiday portrait. Sparkle Christmas picture. Please come back soon to see all the latest EBI adventures documented right here on my blog. Happy holidays! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Cheers!